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How scheduling software
for law firm works?

Online attorney appointment scheduling software sorts your schedules in one go

Lawyer appointment app brings exclusive features as:

  • Turn leads into valuable clients
  • Calcuates your exclusive biable hours
  • Manage your legal team efficiently
  • Attorney calendar software makes it easy for web visitors to book a preferrable appointment instantly
  • The scheduling software helps in instantly calculating total billing hours/working hours of your legal team.
  • Legal appointment scheduling software helps in allocating the scheduled meeting to the available team member and offers complete monitoring of meeting status.

Attorney Scheduling software manages your appointments like a pro

  • Smart Auto-allocation to experts
  • Synchronized your scheduled appointments
  • Easy Canceling and Rescheduling
  • Provides intelligent insights to allocate work to your legal experts as per their nearest availalbility
  • Automate the canceling and rescheduling event with the best legal calendar software
  • Lawyer appointment app helps in marking the scheduled appointments in calendars and offers periodic reminders for the same.

How scheduling software for law firm works?

  • Seamless Virtual Access
  • Enhanced client communication
  • Reduce no-shows conflicts
  • Instant and Secure Payments
  • Cloud based Software can be securely accessed on any of the device for remote monitoring
  • The in-app chat system enables you to instantly connect with your client in case of any issues, addressals
  • Periodic reminders about upcoming appointment to both clients and legal team member helps in reducing the frequency of no-shows and reschedule.
  • Get instant payments for your consulatations via multiple payment integration channels in Tookan

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