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How can Tookan help my business?

Tookan is a complete suite for your field force management.

With Tookan you get the following interfaces: Customer App, Agent App, Admin Dashboard and App

Few of the features of Tookan are:

  • Streamline all your operations
  • Manage multiple tasks
  • One-tap communication
  • Real-time updates

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How many agents can I create?

We do not have any capping on the number of agents you can add.

Can I integrate my Tookan account with other food delivery platforms?

Sure! You can integrate your Tookan account with multiple other platforms. Efficient integration of Tookan with GloriaFood, makes your business operations buttery smooth. Your customers can easily place orders from online menu, created as ready-to-assign tasks on Tookan.

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I want to add more drivers, can you help?

Sure! Expand your workforce, by adding more drivers and delivery men to your fleet, and assign them to the desired teams.

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I’m looking for a delivery fleet management platform for my business. How can Tookan help?

With Tookan’s on demand delivery app & tracking system, you can automate dispatch deliveries and use features like tracking and route optimisations to reduce delivery time and cost, boosting profits & efficiency.

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Does Tookan support multiple languages?

Yes, we currently support more then 20 languages.
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How are timezones handled in Tookan?

In Dashboard
When a task is created from Tookan Dashboard the local time zone from where the task is being created is considered.

Example: Let’s say a task is created in Singapore, the time zone considered is GMT +8hrs.

In Bulk Upload
In the case of bulk upload of tasks, the time zone of the admin account is taken into consideration while tasks are created.

Example: Let’s say an admin in the US(say A for convenience) has created a manager(say M) in India. When this manager(M) creates tasks using the bulk upload the timezone of Admin(A) and tasks are created in US TimeZone.

Using Tookan API
Tookan API accepts a request body parameter named “timezone” which is the Timezone difference with UTC in minutes. When a task is created with local time(say X), and timezone(+Y). Y minutes are added to X to make it UTC time.

How to get the Timezone difference with UTC in minutes?
Let’s say I am creating a task in India’s time which is five and half hours ahead of UTC time (+05:30), convert five and half hours into minutes i.e 330 minutes. Since India’s time is ahead of UTC time to convert it into UTC time 330 minutes has to be subtracted from it. So, timezone is -330.