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Complete Field Force Management Platform

Real-Time Field Force Tracking and Monitoring Solution

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Admin Dashboard

Job Scheduling

Schedule jobs to the nearest agent automatically. Share notes, and other appointment detailing with field force without having to be in office

Live Tracking

Track field force agents on map interface in real-time. Keep track of all appointments, staff and customer all at same place.

Field Agent App

Automate Assignment

Auto assigned task to nearest and free field force agent upon creation of new task. Field force agent gets instant notification to accept new task.

Optimized Route

Navigate the field force agent to the location of assigned tasks through shortest and fastest available route. Use route mapping to reduce ETA's to task location and ensure an exceptional service experience for customer.

Other Features


Attendance Management

Keep track of attendance and leave of each field force. Allow field force to mark attendance on agent app with selfie and location tracking.


Chat and Collaboration

Transfer information on chat system from admin to field force agent or vice-versa. Share documents, image with group of people or a particular person.


Invoice and Payment

Send quotes, invoice to the customer through mobile app. All access and update to field force about payments made by customer in real-time.


Performance Analysis

Capture all kind of data in a structured way and automatically calculate the number of tasks completed by each field force to analyze performance in a month



Integrate Tookan field force management platform into your existing portal. Opens up your capabilities on the operational and customer-facing part of your business.


Review and Rating

Allow your field force and customers to review each other in a quick, and easy way. Manage rating of each task to make intelligent decisions for your business.

How it works

Auto assign tasks to field force agent

Monitor & track all activities of field force in real-time

Field Force agent gets instant notification on mobile app

Field Force agents completes the task at service location

Field Force Agents heads to next assign task


Ensure on-time deliveries with
real-time route optimization and
end-to-end delivery tracking

Free 14-day Trial Easy Setup Cancel Anytime