Tookan Webinar

How to Integrate your platform
using API & Webhooks

Thursday, 29 April, 2021 | 7:00pm IST

Do you want to ensure smooth interaction between all your business platforms? In this free webinar, learn how Webhooks & API are going to reshape the internet, they look like the next step in the evolution of communication on the internet and nothing will be left untouched.

For your business, smooth communication and uninterrupted integration between your business and other platforms is extremely important and together we will strategize to ensure seamless integration with other platforms.

What will you learn?

Why should you integrate your platform with Tookan?

How can Webhooks provide other applications with real-time information?

What do you mean by API and Webhooks?

How to integrate your platform using API?

How to integrate Webhooks with Tookan?

How the Pickup, Delivery, or Additional webhook notification can be used in different business scenarios?

How to ensure seamless experience of live-tracking?

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Our Speaker

Mr. Arun Kumar

Tookan Product ManagerLinked In

Our Speaker

Mr. Manish Sharma

Associate Tookan Product ManagerLinked In