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Deliveries Made Smarter

Manage all your delivery operations from one platform to enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experience at scale.

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Delivery Management Software for Enterprises

Tookan empowers enterprises to win in this customer-centric era with optimized routes, automation,
real-time tracking and efficient movement of goods for both B2C and B2B segments.

How Does Tookan Optimize Delivery?

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Business Interfaces

Track your on-field personnel in real-time with powerful geo analytics tools for better workforce productivity.

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Customer App

Allow customers to track the status of their order on map interface with real-time location of delivery agent. And, integrate payment gateways and various online wallets to allow secure payment.

Agent App

Reduce time and save cost by auto-assigning the delivery task to free and closest agents. Navigate the delivery agent through the most optimized route to make a doorstep delivery for every customer in least possible time.

Manager App

Manage details of orders placed at online stores and generate advanced analytic reports of orders placed by customers. Track your on-field personnel in real time with powerful geo-analytics tools for better workforce productivity.

Personalized Booking Form

Tookan forms allow you to directly create tasks in the dashboard by accepting orders from your customers using a web form from your desired URL name. These are customizable which can be used as per your requirement and business use-case. You can Add/Edit forms by going to the form editor in your dashboard.


Powerful Integrations

Extend the functionalites of your business apps and
softwares in minutes


Tookan Business

Create and assign delivery tasks just through some taps! Monitor activities and agents from wherever you are.


Maximize the Efficiency of Your Delivery Management Solution through Hippo Automation

Hippo Customer Engagement Automation helps in advanced customer segmentation, marketing campaigns, instant broadcasts, rfm tracking, and a lot more, through your favourite channels including WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Push Notifications & In-app Messages

Why just fulfill the delivery requirements, when you can achieve a little extra with Hippo integration?

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Advanced Features

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Expand your reach with Tookan SDK

Connect to billions of lives and help your business prosper by integrating our highly enriched SDK in your business apps and softwares

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Cash Management

Supervise and maintain a record of each and every transaction done by your delivery agent irrespective of the mode of payment with the brand new Agent Wallet feature

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Advanced Fleet Tracking Solution

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