Industrial Application

Aerial surveying allows builders to create virtual environments with geotagging images through available mapping software

Industrial Inspection

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Capture still images and videos from a distance or altitude to gather information about specific targets

Surveillance Security

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Surveying of construction site based on orthographic photos to generate point clouds, volume calculations and 3D models

Construction & Real Estate

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Measure distances and volumes, develop fast topographic, hydrographic and thermal maps with monitoring volumetric calculations for stockpiles

Mapping Service

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Quickly capture site conditions, track inventory over time, improve site planning and coordination

Mining Inspection

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Monitor offshore utility pipeline, inspect sites or manage other oil and gas assets efficiently

Oil & Gas

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Tida Mapping System - Specification

Operational Range
4 km

30 minutes with 500g payload

Up to 2cm

Take-off Weight
4 kg with maximum take-off weight

Wheel Base

Max Operating Altitude
Up to 400 m AGL

Payload Specification

LIDAR Sensor
3.6` FOV, 0.1-12m range

Day&Night Vision
12X optical zoom, 1080p

Thermal Imaging payload
640 × 480 pixels (Radiometric)

HD Imaging


Multispectral Camera
RGB resolution 16 MP

RGB/Thermal Dual Payload
640 thermal & 4k RGB recoding

How it Works


UAV Flight plan

  • Select and analyze project site
  • Determine project parameters such as number of flight paths and image resolution
  • Evaluate project site for safety parameters

Ground Control Points

  • Define reference points for data collection
  • Quality ground control points provide known locations for processing UAVs data

Flight Take-off

  • Flight parameters are entered
    into our mission planning software
  • The drone takes-off, flies and lands autonomously
  • Data is evaluated onsite to determine quality

Image Processing

  • Image data is downloaded at the control station
  • Each image receives geo-tag to record location
  • Report is generated to ensure quality and site coverage
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