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The Best Alternative to ordering.co – YELO

Are you confused, and can’t decide on who to choose to create your virtual marketplace? Look no further as we have all the information you need to make the right choice. 

As the world has taken a turn online, it is the right time for you to have your business’s social presence. To keep the process simple and manageable you can for personalized website or a mobile device application.  

Now if you’re worried about building them yourself, relax! 

Ordering.co and Yelo are the two top-rated platforms that help you build your own website or application, here we will compare the two, to show you why Yelo is the best option. 


Unlike ordering.co, Yelo has a variety of business templates for you to choose from, starting from a food delivery app to a marketplace just like uber. Yelo will help you build the best online marketplace app on any on-demand business. 

You can choose just the perfect theme for your website or mobile application and design it just the way you’ve dreamed of. And hey, don’t worry about the coding stuff, Yelo has got you covered with that too. 


Yelo is the best alternative to ordering.co from the charges point of view. Whereas ordering.co your business will have to pay a monthly fee, Yelo offers you to begin free of cost, yes, at $0 for you to try for 14 days without any need to input your credit card details. 

Monthly charges for ordering.co are $149, on the contrary, Yelo charges $69 for their starter packages. You already see the major price rise, with not much extra to offer. 

The best ordering.co alternative has to be Yelo with its seamless and quick setup process, at an affordable rate. 

Backend management

Usually marketplace providers like Yelo and ordering.co provide the software for your businesses. What sets Yelo apart in this industry is their user friendliness. Yelo takes care of all your coding requirements. So there is absolutely no need for you to learn about it before planning to grow your online business. 

Along with the coding benefit, Yelo provides your business with fully hosted and equipped websites, with an excellent customer care service available round the clock to solve any or every query you have related to the service, making it the best alternative to ordering.co. 

Inventory management 

Having your online business website made by the best online marketplace builder is not enough. Managing the orders and inventory is the real task. Yelo offers you to integrate your systems, and help you manage your inventory. 

Along with the inbuilt inventory management system, it offers you to connect with Jungleworks other techsuites that are designed to help your business growth. You can manage your product deliveries by integrating your Yelo account with Tookan, a delivery management system. You can also use Bulbul, a customer relation management technology,  to manage and access your sales records anytime, anywhere. This feature adds value to Yelo and makes it the best alternative to ordering.co

Setup freedom

Apart from the various themes and templates. Yelo, unlike other marketplace builders, offers to customize the web pages and mobile application software just according to your business requirements. 

Yelo, helps you set up your marketplace within a day, giving you access to the fully customized admin dashboard, that guides you related to the promotion plans along with managing inventory and  merchants, and content pages for you to make any visual changes you need. 

The software is user friendly, and very easy to get acquainted to, you will take no time learning it. 

What makes Yelo the best alternative to ordering.co is its ability to adapt to all types of devices and setups to increase the reach of your business and become a source of attracting and retaining customers. 

Have you made up your mind? Start your journey with Yelo now!

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