Say Cheers! to Online Alcohol delivery business in this COVID-19 outbreak

Akhil Kumar 23rd March 2020

The rising pandemic of COVID-19 has already caused havoc that has eventually led to drastic consequences at a global level. The crowd is getting restless with the abrupt change and are worried about their future.

People have started to self isolate themselves by maintaining social distancing. In such a chaotic situation, businesses are finding it difficult to hold a strong ground in the market. But like every cloud has a silver lining, in the same way, some businesses have seen a surge in their service demand during this epidemic.

The global crisis is nowhere to stop in the coming future. The times, when the world is at standstill mode, various bars and restaurants are also shutting down. However, to deal with the immediate crisis, people have stocked their favorite drinks. But with the greater uncertainty about the time period of this virus spread, there is no quick escape. One has to face the empty shelves soon! 

Have you thought, what will happen if the stock gets empty? People have to come out once again to buy alcoholic beverages from the stores which is not at all possible on practical grounds. And as a result, they will just have to watch Netflix with no beer which is going to be huge boredom. And to ignite the situation, don’t forget its quarantine time too!

There is a simple rule for doing business. If your customers are not reaching to you, make sure you reach them. Experts believe that in contrast to offline liquor shopping, switching online will definitely skyrocket the sales of liquor stores in this current outrage.

Each and every type of business is putting up an effort to stabilize its sales numbers in this outrage. Switching the mode of business from offline to online seems by far the best alternative that will provide a positive breakthrough from the crisis.

Stats of alcohol delivery market

Here are some statistics of the booze market that will definitely boost you to go online and start your own on-demand alcohol delivery business.

  1. It is believed that as citizens are forced to stay home, they’ll adapt their lives accordingly and so will the businesses around them. Once that switched-up routine becomes second nature, it’ll be hard to break.
  2. Some UK Based companies are urging its customers to pre-pay for the orders and enjoy them when everything is over.
  3. The CAGR rate of the alcohol market is continuously growing by 2.1% from 2017 and it is estimated that after 2020 it will grow at a rate of 6.1% which will lead to humongous profits for the alcohol business.
  4. The U.K is ranked #1 and the U.S is ranked #2 in the consumption of liquor.

Things to start your online alcohol delivery business

If you are really clutched about going digital in this turmoil, then you need to loosen up a bit. It’s very easy to take your business online. You will require just 3 things

  • An online marketplace where you can showcase your alcoholic beverages
  • A convenient delivery management Software
  • A group of delivery agents

And you are ready to roll. Take a wise decision to pick up an appropriate marketplace builder that will cater to you with service apps and customer apps. Pick up a fine delivery management software that will automate your delivery operations, track your delivery agents in Real-Time and will provide you with optimized routes to ensure on-time deliveries.

After shifting online, you need to scrutinize a few things for your business to pay off.

  • Provide proper convenience to your customers in terms of delivery service. People like quick services so delivering alcoholic beverages within 30 minutes or less can make your on-demand alcohol delivery service stand out in the big league. So in short, an optimized delivery service will help you in improving your sales and will also help in customer retention.
  • Provide constant support and value to your customers as they are the most crucial assets of your business. Delivering value will help in strengthening and expanding your client base and within no time you will obtain high ROI.

Benefits of online alcohol delivery business

There are several benefits of online alcohol delivery over offline liquor delivery

  • No need to wait for your customers to step out and buy alcohol
  • Easy to get the alcohol delivered without encouraging people visiting your shop
  • Can offer hygiene-controlled and on-time delivery 
  • Non-Contact Deliveries – Delivery agents could simply drop-off the delivery bags at the doorstep

Wrap Up

The rising potential of online alcohol delivery business can be acknowledged in one word: Cheers!. Businesses have sought new and innovative ways to reach their target audience to deliver them what they want. 
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