Roll Out Online Medical Consultation To Help Your Patients In the COVID-19 Nightmare

Tannu Sharma 19th March 2020

As the number of positive cases of COVID- 19 rises worldwide, people are subjected to confine themselves under the four walls. Every section of the society is enacting swiftly to find some alternate options to continue their day to day operations while the dawn of Coronavirus is still here to stay. 

At times, when every next business can think of slowing down its operations for a couple of days, the medical industry is the only one that needs to gear up with more power to deal with the crisis.

But, with the announcements of health regulators to maintain social distancing as much as possible, it might seem difficult for many of the health practitioners to normalize their clinical operations. 

Technology has been a great savior to many sectors of industry and if used in the right direction, could be helpful for the medical industry too.

Online medical consultation: An escape to maintain social distancing while treating the patients

If we have thought about this concept two decades ago, it would seem to be like an impossible task. But with the wheels of technology revolving faster with the pace of time, online medical consultation is no longer a dream! If you are a medical practitioner and are worried about how you will run your clinical operations, owing to strict social distancing instructions and with many people confined to their places, we have a concrete solution for you.

You can pick the option of online medical consultation and can make your medical profession bloom, even in such scary conditions of Coronavirus spread. Breaking the stereotypes and optimizing the tech way to run your clinical operations, you can keep your professional duties intact with the help of online medical consultation. 

For those, who are unaware of how conversational marketplace can allow a medical practitioner to connect with its patients and go ahead with his medical practices, we have hand-picked the practical aspects of choosing it over the physical clinical set-up.

How Conversational Marketplace Allows To Connect With Your Patients?

Here are a few of the ways that helps in allowing the medical practitioners to connect with their patients on an individual level through the conversational marketplace.

One on One Chat With Your Patients

Conversational marketplace allows you to get connected with your patients on an individual level. The real-time chat allows you to establish strong communication with your patients. It helps in understanding the concerns of your patients and address their doubts in a personalized manner. You can talk to your patients at a greater length with the help of conversational marketplace. 

Video Calling To Assess The Patient

Sometimes, it is important for you to assess the patients. Though it is not practically possible with the online consultation, but with the help of the video call, you can get an overview of the patient’s assessment. This is a smarter way to keep yourself connected with your patients even in case, social distancing has become mandatory. 

Flexible Fees Charging

Many of the advanced conversational marketplace such as Hippo allows you to opt for flexible fee charging method. This exclusive feature allows you to charge your patients as per your convenience. You can either choose as per the consultancy method or can charge for every minute. This makes it easy for you to offer your medical services on an individual basis. 

Instant Payment Collection

To ensure that your online medical consultation involves the hassle-free payment process, there are multiple integration platforms attached with your app. It gives you the advantage to broaden your availability to more of the patients. 

Upload Prescription 

Once you have assessed the patient, you can offer the digital documentation to them. Moreover, you can pick to upload the prescription of your patients. This will help in letting your patients get the valid prescription which could be further used to buy medicines.

Keep Your Clinical Operations Working Even After COVID-19 Outbreak

Staying healthy is a fundamental right of all human beings. Though Coronavirus has hit badly to the majority of the world’s population and is showcasing its hard impact on all, but technology has shown the ray of hope to many of us. 

Picking up online medical consultation can be a big relief to many as the healthcare industry could not compromise with a single day off. 

If you are a part of the healthcare industry and are worried about how to keep your operations working, connect with Hippo. We will help you to get a customized conversational marketplace and make your healthcare services unimpacted with the outbreak of this epidemic. 

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