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Why partner with Jungleworks?

  • Complete Suite of Products

    Choose from the widest range of products suited to all sort of business needs
  • No better time to promote SaaS

    Ride high on the ongoing SaaS wave, the world is moving towards it, why not you?
  • Unmatched 24*7 Support

    Dedicated teams focus on supporting both technologies as well as business issues round the clock
  • Revenue

    Earn as high as 25% commission on new contracts, something our network values more than anything else
  • Learn the way you want

    Specialized curated content to ensure your learning curve is always soaring high
  • Joint Marketing Initiatives

    Targeted marketing for your region co-sponsored by Jungleworks
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  • Selection Process
  • Onboarding
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Partner Testimonials

A strong relationship with our business partners is important to us. Here's what some of
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Thank you for your interest in the Jungleworks partnership program.

Please provide us with information about you and your company.
If you have any questions or need help, you can refer to these enrollment instructions or request support here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Who Can Be A Channel Partner?

A. Anyone working as an IT Consultant, SaaS Resellers, Marketing agencies, Sales Freelancers and even people/organizations who want to expand their revenue or help other people aspiring to be entrepreneurs. Other than personal goals, those people are also potential partners who are willing to help other people build their business with our world-class services and products.

Q.Difference Between Silver And Gold Plan?

A.Both plans allow you to resell all Jungleworks products. A Silver plan is the one where you get full online support from our team and you can learn about all our products. You can then sell them in only your designated region and earn a good amount of revenue share.
Gold Plan additionally entitles you to visit our India headquarters for all the training. You get to meet our senior management and attend 1-on-1 training sessions. We cover your stay and food until your training is over. The gold plan also has a better revenue share as compared to the silver plan.

Q.How much can I earn?

A.Being a partner with JungleWorks there is absolutely no limit to your earnings. It’s just one of the fun facts about JungleWorks that as much as you are ready for the hustle you earn to that limit, so basically we don't define your limit.

Q.Is There Any Sales Target For Partners?

A.There is no target in general but in order to recoup the commitment fee you definitely have to buckle up, but it is really easy, on an average of 2 sales per month can easily do the job.

Q.Is There Any Partnership Fee?

A.We don't call it a partnership fee, instead consider it as a commitment fee. It is taken against the time and effort internal teams would spend in onboarding you to our products. It also includes lifetime worth of free support on our products. Our active partners make double the commitment fee within the first quarter of their participation in the market.

Q.How Are Payments Processed?

A.Payments are processed via bank transfer after receiving the following details.
For Bank transfer: a signed copy of the contract, Invoice with bank account details, and W8 form.

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