Create Your Own Remote Patient Monitoring Software:

Provide Better Care with Panther - Your All-in-One RPM Software.

Build a future-proof Remote Patient Monitoring software with Panther:

Effortlessly track vital signs, monitor symptoms, and generate progress reports. Our scalable, HIPAA-compliant platform adapts to your needs, ensuring patient data security without requiring any coding.

sign tracking, symptom monitoring & progress reports

Ready-to-use features for vital sign tracking, symptom monitoring & progress reports

Scalable platform

Scalable platform adapts to your growing practice and patient needs

 RPM software

No coding required Build your RPM software in minutes, not months

HIPAA- compliant solution

HIPAA- compliant ensures that patient's data is secure with us

How Panther's White-label RPM Software Works

Patients enroll

Patients enroll seamlessly through your branded app

Track vitals & symptoms

Track vitals & symptoms using integrated wearable devices

Automated alerts notify

Automated alerts notify you of potential health concerns

communicate with patients

Securely communicate with patients via chat, video, or phone

Remotely monitor

Remotely monitor progress and adjust treatment plans as needed

Features That Set's Us Apart

Customizable dashboards for real-time data, automated analytics, seamless EHR integration, and patient engagement tools. Multilingual support enhances reach.

patient data visualization

Customizable dashboards for real-time patient data visualization.

>Automated reports & analytics

Automated reports & analytics to identify trends and improve care delivery.

 EHR systems

Seamless integration with existing EHR systems.

Multiple patient engagement

Patient engagement tools, including educational resources and appointment reminders.

patient reach

Multilingual support for a wider patient reach.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Build a Future-Proof Remote Patient Monitoring Solution with Panther

Key USP's of Panther's RPM Platform

Focus on preventative care

Panther goes beyond just monitoring, empowering proactive intervention based on real-time data.

Embrace the Future of Remote Patient Care

Build Your RPM Software with Panther!

Advanced data analytics

Uncover hidden patterns and personalize patient care plans for better outcomes.

Patient engagement tools

Foster better communication and adherence to treatment plans through interactive features.

Scalability and customization

Panther adapts to your specific needs, whether you're a solo practitioner or a large healthcare organization.

Build an All-In-One Remote Patient Monitoring Software with Panther

Doctor Application

Doctor Application

  • Monitor patient vitals & symptoms in real-time.
  • Receive automated alerts for critical events.
  • Securely communicate with patients via chat, video, or phone.
  • Review patient history and progress reports.
  • Schedule appointments and manage your calendar.

Patient Mobile App

  • Track your health data and monitor progress.
  • Connect with your doctor for consultations.
  • Receive educational resources and health tips.
  • Schedule appointments and manage your care plan.
Patient Mobile App

Admin Dashboard

  • Manage user accounts and access permissions.
  • Track platform usage and performance metrics.
  • Customize data visualizations and reports.
  • Integrate with existing healthcare systems.
  • Brand your platform for a seamless patient experience.

Build Your Dream RPM Platform
with Panther!

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