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Online Astrologer Consultation Marketplace: The Dark Horse Of Indian Online Marketplaces!

By Zeba Yasmeen 17th May 2021
online astrologer consultation marketplace

Astrology plays quite a role in Indian society and culture. Everything from finding when your stars will align to how you’ll meet your soulmate. You can rely on your favorite astrologer to tell you your fortune. with the pandemic raging across the nation and people being confined to their homes. Therefore, consulting astrologers has become impossible. Building an Online Astrologer Consultation Marketplace can help solve this problem and facilitate consultation with top astrologers. 

What Makes An Online Astrologer Consultation Marketplace So Popular?

People consult astrologers before making any moves to make sure luck is on their side. Many people swear by astrology as a guide for the decisions they make. People rely on astrologers to tell them how they should proceed with a business deal. And also to examine the romantic compatibility of two people. There’s no doubt astrology has cemented its place in our society. But the pandemic-related safety protocols have made it difficult for people to access astrology services. 

This puts the spotlight on online astrologer consultation marketplace and how they’re catering to this need of people. It’s pretty straightforward for you to start your app right there.

Top Features of Online Astrology Apps

 Some of the top features in an online astrologer consultation marketplace include:

1. Easy Listing and Making Profiles

Listing an astrologer on your app can be done in a matter of minutes. You can choose which services each astrologer offers, their hourly rates, and their areas of specialization. Customers should be able to sort and find the perfect astrologer from a list of the top astrologers listed on your app without an issue.

2. Ratings and Reviews

Astrology apps need to pay attention to their ratings and reviews system. Because this is one of the major metrics based on which customers choose their expert. Customers should be able to filter through search results and narrow results down to their preferred well-rated astrologer. By allowing customers to rate and review their experiences with various astrologers, you’re helping future customers make a better-informed decision on which astrologer they’d like to pick.

There are many fine nuances when it comes to choosing an astrologer. Some follow different methods than others and customers may prefer one method over the other. It allows them to narrow down their search based on very specific markers including the kind of services offered by each particular astrologer.

3. Easy to Book Appointments

Online Astrologer Consultation Marketplace

A good astrology app should make it easy for clients to book appointments with astrologers of their choice. Scheduling appointments should be possible with a click of a button. And an easy-to-use dashboard should allow clients to take a look at their appointments at a glance so they don’t miss any appointments. What’s more, is that push notifications ensure that clients never miss an update on their astrological readings.

4. Keeping Track of Payments

Building an app involves integrating with payment processors and other services that make your app functional. However, it can be hard to keep track of all your payments in order. Panther lets you keep track of each payment on the app, with a page dedicated to individual payments. That lets you see when you received payments and for which services. Having access to these analytics helps both clients and astrologers.

How Does It Work?

Clients can download the app and register themselves on it by setting up a profile. Once that’s done, it’s as easy as choosing among the top astrologers listed on the app to match your requirements. And have your fortune read out to them through various modes as per their preference – chat, audio, or video channels that help clients get the most out their readings without the physical distance being an issue.

How to Build Your Online Astrologer Consultation Marketplace with Panther

online astrologer consultation marketplace

The thought of building a complete app that looks as good as it works might have been a mere pipe dream for many. Not everyone has technical knowledge to code an app themselves, debug it, and launch it on the app stores. This is when Panther comes to the rescue. It is a complete solution that helps you build your customizable astrology app that makes it easy for you to bring your dreams of making astrology accessible through chat, audio, and video during the pandemic and beyond.

Panther lets you build scalable apps for multiple platforms quickly and without any hassle. You can get your online astrology app up and running in a day. Give us a call for a demo on how Panther can help you build your astrology app without knowing to code anything.

Panther is a one-of-a-kind app builder that prioritizes user experience and offers the best features compared to other apps in the market. The focus is always to deliver the best user experience that is a pleasure to use. Right from the design to the color schemes and fonts, apps built on Panther always look well-rounded, polished, and professionally done, making it inviting for clients to come and seek astrological solutions to their problems. Get in touch with our team for a roadmap of how your app can be launched in as little as 24 hours!   

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