This API gives the feature to search the desired location on the basis of keyword or name of the place. You need to type the keyword or the place you want to search.

Parameters Required

Name Type Description
fm_token String Enter Flightmap token available in Flightmap dashboard
textStringEnter keyword or the name of the place you want to search
currentlatitude numericEnter current latitude
currentlongitudenumericEnter current longitude
typeString type can be Android, iOS or Web
radiusnumberIt will restrict the search results within the given radius(in Km).

Note: currentlatitude and currentlongitude are required to show nearest search results first


To use the Search API, perform a GET request on the following endpoints:

https://maps.flightmap.io/api/search?fm_token=<your api key here>&text=delhi&currentlatitude=30.6965578&currentlongitude=76.8836149&radius=500



dataArray of objectsComplete information of the searched place
nameStringName of the place
address StringAddress of the place
positionobjectPassing latitude and longitude
latnumericLatitude of the search location
lngnumericLongitude of the search location
boundsobjectBounds of the searched place

The Search API returns following result in a JSON format.

      "message": "Successful",
      "status": 200,
      "data": [
          "name": "Delhi",
          "address": "India",
          "position": {
            "lat": "28.6273928",
            "lng": "77.1716954"
          "bounds": {
            "min_lat": "28.404625",
            "min_lng": "28.8834464",
            "max_lat": "76.8388351",
            "max_lng": "77.3463006"
          "lat": 28.6273928,
          "lng": 77.1716954
          "name": "Delhi",
          "address": "Central Delhi, Delhi, India",
          "position": {
            "lat": "28.6517178",
            "lng": "77.2219388"
          "bounds": {
            "min_lat": "28.4917178",
            "min_lng": "28.8117178",
            "max_lat": "77.0619388",
            "max_lng": "77.3819388"
          "lat": 28.6517178,
          "lng": 77.2219388
          "name": "Delhi",
          "address": "Nandubar, Maharashtra, India",
          "position": {
            "lat": "21.5766266",
            "lng": "73.934463"
          "bounds": {
            "min_lat": "21.4584209",
            "min_lng": "21.6565955",
            "max_lat": "73.9133997",
            "max_lng": "73.9519009"
          "lat": 21.5766266,
          "lng": 73.934463

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