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Delivering Quality Food All Over Klang


Lauk is a small restaurant in the Klang district of Malaysia serving customers around the store. We helped Lauk establish an online presence, increase efficiency in deliveries and achieve customer satisfaction.

Let’s Go Online!

Lauk wanted to reach out to more people. Thus arose the need of going online.

> Lauk created their own online storefront on the marketplace platform ‘Yelo’, complete with customized website and apps.

Lauk has witnessed a significant increase of 27% in their orders per day.

Increasing Delivery Efficiency

With increased orders, Lauk was facing difficulties in achieving on-time deliveries

> ‘Tookan’ Delivery Management Software was seamlessly integrated with their online storefront for improved delivery efficiency

Advanced Route optimization helped Lauk to manage multiple deliveries & reduce delivery costs by 34%.

Addressing Real-Time Customer Queries

Lauk realised it was necessary to handle customer grievances and requests. They needed a uni-platform solution to address and fulfill customer requests.

> The chat support system ‘Hippo’, helped them answer real-time customer queries instantly.
> Customers could modify their orders once placed and place bulk requests in real-time.

The number of canceled orders fell by 33% after implementation of chat support.

Attracting Customers

Having opened the new online storefront, Lauk wanted to attract new customers while providing salience to their existing customers.

> Promotions feature helped carry out differentiated promotions for both set of customers.

The customer base has increased by 11% through social promotions and referrals.

Managing Store Schedules

The number of online visitors had grown 10 times. They needed a solution for managing and communicating store timings dynamically.

> With the feature to dynamically manage store timings through the admin portal, they could now instantly notify their customers with push notification feature.

  • Defining Service Radius

    Lauk struggled with meeting the manpower requirements to service the large customer radius arising from the online platform.

    > The dynamic Geo-fencing feature enabled that only customers within the delivery radius could order from the storefront.

    The count of unserviceable orders fell by 90% using the geo-fencing feature.

  • The Future For Lauk

    Lauk plans to create a larger marketplace by adding 4-5 local merchants into their online platform and increasing the service radius to include more locations. The ultimate satisfaction is the power that they can do everything by themselves. Now, that is Empowerment!

    JungleWorks is mighty proud to empower Lauk to deliver quality food all over Klang.

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