Tableau Consultants

By Integration with Tableau Software, Kato’s Advance business intelligence solution able to provide their clients with a compelling alternative solution to traditional BI.

Solve your Data Challenges with Kato’s Tableau Services

Katos Business Intelligence Platform takes a straight-forward approach to provide industry-focused solutions to meet your specific business needs. Kato has established relationships and a direct communication channel with Tableau and customer support for speedy responses to inquiries or issues. We have in-depth knowledge of the Tableau product suite and established a reputation to deliver quality, timely, and cost-effective solutions.

Kato brings to you the industry leading Tableau specialists who will help you create fast, accurate and engaging dashboards for making informed business decisions. Tableau Experts at Kato empower our clients with self-service BI that enables them to analyze, visualize and communicate information in the most effective way possible.

What you get

Generating rich, relevant insights from large data volumes is challenging, and the best data visualization tools are only as good as the quality of data they are analysing.

At Kato, we help maximize the investment in your platform and provide:

Better Understanding of Data

Intuitive Data Visualizations with Advance Reports

Rich, Deeper & Actionable Insights

Simplify Decision Making

Why rely on Kato?

  • Strategy

    Our experts assess your requirements and with dynamic understanding of tableau, Kato deliver best-in-class business analytics solutions to ensure that your goals are achieved quickly & cost effectively.

  • Tableau Integration

    Kato will help you with comprehensive assessment of your analytics requirements and connect all your key data sources with Tableau.

  • Data Migration

    We will build a single & robust platform to meet all your business specific BI needs by seamlessly migrating your existing data and other dashboard tools

  • Data Management

    We comply to proven best practices for managing your complex data, diverse sources, data quality and governance issues

  • Powerful Visualizations

    We personalize the look and feel of the interface to offer exclusive ways to represent your data as per your unique business requirements

What our customers say