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Kato Whitelabel Integration

By Achin Sharma 28th February 2019

1. Create analytics domains

These domains are where Kato is hosted in the iframes from your product. Replace example.com with your own domain.

Production: analytics.example.com pointing to analytics.jungleworks.com.

Staging:  staging-analytics.example.co m pointing to staging-analytics.jungleworks.com. (Optional)

Test:  test-analytics.example.com pointing to test-analytics.jungleworks.com. (Optional)

2. Authentication API

An API is required to validate the user with the access token.


  • access_token: The user’s validation token that’s passed to us in the iframe. (See 3)

Output (JSON): 

  • name: User Name (Required)
  • email: User Email (required, unique)
  • phone: User’s Phone Number (optional)

3. Iframe setup

Add an iframe in your product at the place and dimensions of your choice. The url needs to have two parameters.

  • access_token: Your product’s user access_token that will be passed to the authentication API (See 2).
  • external_parameters: An internal flag that lets us know you’re trying to login the user automatically. Set to 1 by default.

4. Database credentials

Share your database credentials for test and production with us. This is the database we will connect to to fetch the data into the panel and create reports and graphs.

5. Whitelist our server

Need to whitelist our server to allow access your database.

Production: analytics.jungleworks.com

Test: test-analytics.jungleworks.com (Optional)

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