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Instinct to Insight.

Redefine how your business thinks with our exclusive business intelligence and data analytics tool. Achieve more with less. Let’s connect you to our Data Scientist!

  • Empower decision-makers of all backgrounds and uncover new growth opportunities.

  • Transform your raw data
    into business metrics

  • Know the roadblocks in
    your success

  • Simple enough for a non
    techie, yet evolved
    enough to empower the
    industry leaders

Kato Dashboard

Data discovery, planning, and predictive analysis capability

Real-time high performance and extensibility using SAP Cloud Platform

Provide an engaging user experience across roles and devices

Avoid buying and switching across multiple analytics point solutions

Create personalized

Export, Share & Publish

Our team helps you identify your KPIs and create user-friendly dashboards so you can export, share, and publish crucial data across various platform.


Logistics Dashboard

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Marketing Dashboard

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Real Estate Dashboard

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Retail Dashboard

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Restaurant Dashboard

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Taxi Dashboard

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Connect with us to get your personalized dashboard!

Blend data from multiple sources

Integrate Kato with existing on-premise applications like MongoDB, MySQL, Legacy, BigQuery, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Google, Oracle, API or files.

Support for the mobile workforce and boardroom of the future

Foster more impactful meetings with data-driven insights, plans, and simulations from business process experts.

Sit back & relax while we are building your dashboard as per your business need!

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