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Jungleworks and IIT Ropar Sign MoU for Research and Development

By Akshat Sharma 23rd May 2019

Jungleworks has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, considering the long term benefits of sharing the knowledge between both the organization by vibrant collaboration and undertaking the joint activities in their respective fields.

Under the MoU, both the Institute have agreed to explore ways of promoting sharing of resources like Office Infrastructure and facilities, equipment and personnel for specific academic programs, research projects and other assets.

The joint venture will define the development of fixed-wing hybrid drones and autonomous vehicles. Further, the research projects shall focus on the application of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other emerging technologies in various industries.

A coordinating committee will be set up consisting of the heads, corporate relations, and IIT Ropar or any other member nominated by an authorized signatory of the company. The MoU will remain valid for five years, effective from the date it is signed by the representatives of both the institutions. The terms of MoU can be amended by mutual written agreement before the date of the review.

Objectives of the MoU will also cover

  • Encouraging joint research activities and project by faculty members and scientific personnel of the company.
  • Setting up of lab to carry out the research activities in the various areas of mutual interest with the agreement.
  • Encouraging faculty members from Institute and officials from the organization to visit each other’s establishments for exchange of Ideas, lectures/programs, and other related activities.
  • Share the scientific facilities, labs, equipment and other related areas of interest by giving access to the members of Institute & Company by mutual consent as the Institute norms.

Collaborative research and development projects

Both the organizations currently working on the ongoing research and development programs of mutual interest. The research projects focus on the following objectives.

Autonomous Vehicles

Research on the Autonomous Vehicle will focus on how to tackle road congestion under a collaborative and connected mobility model.

Hybrid Electric Drones

Jungleworks and IIT Ropar will jointly identify and pursue possibilities for the formulation and submission of new research in the field of Hybrid Electric Drones. Increasing flight-time by using innovative hybrid drones.

VTOL type Fixed-Wing UAVs

Jungleworks and IIT Ropar will examine the ways of exchanging information on research-work in VTOL type fixed-wing drones.

The MoU also allows for strategic collaboration with IIT Ropar, for development and deployment of drones for deliveries and various verticals. The collaboration will forge the strengths of the start-up and deep research capabilities of the IIT Ropar.
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