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"There were days we would spend 3-4 hours at work in calling and taking follow up from our managers and agents. Fugu solved this problem significantly by promoting collaboration among field workforce."

- Chinmay Agarwal, Co-founder Jugnoo

Field force collaboration

Orders & deliveries were delayed due to inefficient collaboration among field force.

> "Fugu" was seamlessly integrated with jugnoo's application to increase the communication among fleet.

Common chat platform for all the admins, managers and delivery agents empowered the collaboration among field force

Attendance and absenteeism management

Admins were not able to manage daily attendance and leaves of their managers and field agents.

> "Fugu Attendance bot" empowered admins to effectively manage daily attendance through facial recognition and geo-fence marking.

Regular attendance and leave management of the field agents increased the business productivity

Effective management of field agents

Admins were wasting on an average of 3.5 hours per day in taking a follow up from their respective managers and agents.

> "Fugu" real time messaging keeps you updated on all on-going operations in the fleet.

Advanced features of 1-1 or group discussion increased the efficiency of field force agents

All important discussions at one place

Jugnoo was facing an issue in managing all important discussions in one common platform.

> "Fugu" offered unlimited storage space for storing all the data at one place.

Unlimited message history and advanced search helped in retrieving important information.

The phenomenal impact we created

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