Uber for Personal Trainers

The Next Big strategic move to disrupt the Fitness industry is here, that is, an unconventional On-demand technology solution, that will redefine the way professional fitness services work.To assist you in advancing towards this approach, we have a team of experienced developers, who would carry out the development of a scalable On-Demand technological solution, to satisfy the personal training needs of the people.

Vint, Fitmob, Fytns, My24, Disrupt Fitness, peerFit, FitOrbit, etc. are some of the startups who have already taken initial steps towards sharing economy.Likewise, many more Fitness and Personal Training startups, have an opportunity to be the first ones to explore the untouched segments, in the On-Demand Fitness services industry.This could be easily done with our fully customised technological solutions, that offer both convenience and quality to the customers, along with simple management system for entrepreneurs.

Juggernaut can help you remodel the face of the Fitness industry, by offering you some scalable technological solutions, pertinent to the On-demand approach. Our team with its technical prowess has skillfully developed, an ecosystem of customised On-Demand solutions in the digital marketplace, for a number of On-Demand and Sharing Economy Startups, helping them deliver a more reliable and flexible environment to the customers.

To help you discover the possibilities in the On-demand Fitness industry, various business models are listed below.

On-demand Model : On-Demand on site

If you have a vetted team of professional fitness trainers and experts, in different training disciplines, then we have a perfect tech solution for you. An excellent technological platform, to transform the way Fitness Industry works, as the solution enables you offer more convenient onsite services to the customers over a mobile application.From kick-boxing to yoga, to dance and cycling, customers can request for the most diverse array of fitness experts in the area, all at their fingertips.

A mobile or web solution would enable customers:

  • Just tap a button to request a Personal trainer, an expert in a particular training discipline
  • Set the schedule and location for a personalized workout
  • Get a fair estimate about the charges for fitness session from various local personal trainers
  • Book an appointment with their favorite fitness expert
  • Securely make payment, automatically through the credit card registered with the app.
  • Keep the community’s high-quality standards through ratings and reviews.

Thus, an On-Demand solution promises an incredible customer experience with instant gratification of their fitness needs.

Online marketplace

“World of workouts at your fingertips” is the new strategic rule, followed by all the professional fitness trainers in Fitness Industry.To revolutionise your services, our team with its technical expertise and solutions, would help you create an app-based marketplace,thereby, connecting thousands of professional instructors and local atheletes to common people, to change the way they workout, with unlimited workout options and services available over an application.

A revolutionary On-Demand technology solution for fitness industry offers its customers with a range of options, like :

  • Finding favorite professional instructors across various training disciplines for one-on-one fitness sessions
  • Look up for daily class schedules with specific instructors as per time preferences
  • Schedule unlimited sessions with all the best and local fitness classes, gyms or professional trainers
  • Easy booking and payment services
  • Rating and Reviewing the services.

In today’s digital landscape, the mobile app or web-based solution serves as, one of the most reliable, flexible and user-friendly way to schedule fitness sessions with professional trainers.

Curation Economy

We can also help you develop an app-based platform that contains a directory of highly trained and professional instructors and athletes located in the near-by areas, providing unlimited options to customers for personalised workouts.Thousands of fitness classes and gyms are also listed with daily class schedules, under specific categories. Such an app serves as a reference guide for customers, providing information about, exclusive group sessions, ratings and reviews of listed personal trainers, professional instructors and gyms.

In addition to a detail catalog, you can build a mobile app that serves as a digital storefront for customers containing content :

  • To find various professional instructors and personal trainers along with their reviews, across different fitness training disciplines
  • To get information regarding class schedules, any premium programs, membership schemes available with various local gyms
  • To find out private or small group sessions of a variety of professional athletes or personal trainers.

If you are still wondering how to build a business model that integrates with an On- Demand approach, then Juggernaut could be a perfect partner in redefining your success. Be the part of the revolution called Sharing Economy & team up with our team of professional and experienced Designers, Developers and Project Managers that will ensure your business scale high.

To learn more about Juggernaut Partnership and Services, Call Us or Get in Touch today, and our Experts would be glad to assist you in this transition.

Model On demand On Site Online Marketplace Curation Model
Nature of service provider Entrepreneur/Fitness Trainer Entrepreneur Directory Listing
Nature of Service Personalised Workouts Personalised Workouts/Fitness Classes Information about local professional instructors,athletes and fitness classes or gym schedules,
Review / Trust layer Ratings/Reviews, Pricing Ratings/Reviews, Recommendations, Pricing Ratings/Reviews, Recommendations,Premium membership programs, Pricing
Payment Layer Appointment Booking or Immediate Dispatch
[ Date, Time, Location, Payment ]

Confirmation + Tips

Interaction Layer
Position Tracking (Route/Directions)

Start Service

End Service

Rate Service

Post Service Engagement
(Emails | Push notifications)
  • View Current Engagements
  • Create Bookings on demand
  • Live Status of Employees during service
  • Analytics
  • Email/Push Notifications
  • Dashboard
  • Register (profile, proficiency, services, cost of services, client reviews)
  • Accept or cancel appointment
  • Live status tracking
  • Start Appointment
  • Customer Review
  • Register (personal details & payment method)
  • Choose Service
  • Appointment (date, time, location, payment)
  • Confirm Appointment + Tips
  • Live Status of Servicemen(ETA)
  • End Appointment
  • Service Review

The upside to this revolution called sharing economy is that the cost of creating such a technology solution has declined considerably. By partnering with Juggernaut, you can set up a marketplace customized to suit your business model, scale and brand.
Let us help you take care of the online aspects of your business idea while you focus on getting the offline right.

To learn more about how we can help you, call us or get in touch, and we’d be glad to assist you in this transition.