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Why Build a Talent platform for your business?

Access to a pool of scalable resources including workforce, expertise, and talent.

Low transaction costs when working with gig workers.

Elimination of geographical, informational, and managerial obstacles in the recruitment process.

Talent Marketplace Platform

Learn how to make a freelancing website or app with Husky and get started within no time.

Multi-responsive themes for website and apps which offers a satisfying user experience.

Powerful admin dashboard which allows admin to set up and control their freelance marketplace.

Integrated Chat Support to resolve any query related to the project.

How it works?

3 simple steps to be an admin or a freelancer on Husky Platform

1 Onboarding

It involves setting up with initial marketplace for onboarded clients to start with.

2 Update store and settings

It allows admin to update their online store and other settings present in the dashboard.

3 And Yes! It's done.

Now you are ready to launch your freelance marketplace and
get orders.

1 Log in and browse

Freelancer will login and search for gig jobs on your platform.

2 Apply for job and place bid

Freelancer will apply for jobs which fits his skills and place his bid on the posted requirements.

3 Close the deal

Once your bid is accepted, chat with the recruiter and complete the assignment.

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