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Headless Commerce Solution by Husky

With us, build your dream storefront from scratch.

Flexible front-end development

  • Design your ideal storefront from the scratch

  • complete control over all the elements users interact with

  • The frontend can be customized in endless ways without having to work with code on the backend

Personalization & Customization

  • Both admin and customers can enjoy a better user experience

  • Headless lets you design a unique UI that displays your brand's look-and-feel and vision

  • Allows brand to do experimental design by including creative content on its site

Optimization Made Easier

Enable endless possibilities for your brand with our headless commerce solution.

  • It's simple to implement changes

  • You can continuously run multiple tests to improve customers’ experience.

  • Content is delivered at a faster rate

  • Changes on the front-end are reflected instantly

Why choose Husky’s Headless Solution?

Trusted by millions of users globally, from entrepreneurs & start-ups to large
companies & big brands

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Seamless integrations
& Omnichannel approach

  • Simple to integrate and communicate with other platforms

  • It doesn't take months to integrate any tools

  • Our content management system will assist you in distributing your content to several platforms

  • Content sharing across channels like social media, web apps don't require re-architecting your platform

Achieve new heights with ease

  • Easily handle the traffic surges

  • An improved security system to protect data

  • Boost conversion rates by delivering highly personalized experiences

  • Develop a unique frontend to stand out in the market

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