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HumHain – Success Story

HUMhain page“Happiness of Pursuit must always be greater than pursuit of happiness”

         – Milind Kwatra, CEO, HumHain

Delstep Pvt Ltd (HUMhain), the Ludhiana based start-up, has been working towards improving and strengthening the pick-up and delivery scenario in the city of Ludhiana, offering a great amount of conveniences to its residents. Started in year 2015, with a start-up cost of Rs 20 lakh, the company is all set to expand and make a difference.

Q1. How did you get the idea or concept for the business? What was your “AHA moment”?

Ans: I had always been keen to enter the start-up scenario, and do something substantial through which I could impact lives of a maximum number of people. Moreover, the structure of a start-up has been quite promising so far, assuring fast growth. The pick-up and delivery business seemed right to me.

My “AHA” moment was during one of my GMAT classes at TIME, Sector 8, Chandigarh, which took place after a four-day silence and meditation program. An idea suddenly struck me during the middle of the class, and I immediately started getting into the maths of it. What if I start delivering groceries to people’s places in my city? Would it be successful? I reversed the hand-out and started filling it with details. Finally, I got them all on a piece of paper. I asked my teacher if I could skip the class as I was feeling uneasy. Yes, I wanted to start right away and the remaining hour of the class would have been a sheer wastage of time. So, I left it to work on my idea. Within seven days, I started HUMhain, and never went back to college again, the idea of GMAT taking a backseat.
P.S. The business model I chalked out that day on paper, sucked. And eventually what worked is 100 light years away from it.

Q2. What was your personal motivation for founding HUMhain on-demand platform? What service  or product  do you offer/manufacture?

Ans: We were pretty quick to realize that the pick-up and delivery scenario in Ludhiana needed improvement. There existed certain kind of a gap in the market, and we thought of addressing it. Without having any detailed plan in place, we decided to embark on a new journey and launched HUMhain. Initially, we started offering pick-up and delivery services only for groceries, and gradually moved on to add other verticals.

Q3. What was your mission at the outset? When did you “charter” the business?

Ans: Our mission has always been to connect with a maximum number of people in the shortest possible time. We got inspired from Hyperlocal, as they have got a wide spectrum of target consumers, and have been able to provide jobs to a large number of people.
We received our first order on July 17, 2015, but the business was chartered in October 2015.

Q4. Do you recommend any tech tools for startups similar to yours, to consider?

Ans: A delivery management Saas product works great in the initial stage, as it lets you focus completely on the business, instead of being restricted due to the lack of technology at hand.

“Our association with Tookan has worked wonders for us, as it has strengthened our pick-up and delivery management to a great extent. We are confident that the advanced offerings by Tookan would help us expand our footprint in other regions.”


Q5. Your company was founded in 2015. What are your future plans? Are you planning to integrate more features in the services you offer?

Ans: We definitely have our expansion plans in place.  We intend to continue our focus on improving the pick-up and delivery scenario in Ludhiana, while making our way into other key Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well. A lot of plans are already in pipeline, and would be finalized eventually after proper testing in the market.

Q6. What is HUMhain’s biggest achievement to date? How did you go about accomplishing this?

Ans: Our biggest achievement till date has been the abundant love and respect that we have earned from the people of Ludhiana. The city has been making extensive use of our services, and we are happy to have made a difference in the lives of the people here. Word of mouth really helped us grow from a small initiative to a big brand.

Q7.  Do you plan to launch services in new regions? If yes, what would be your strategy?

Ans: At the moment, we are only present in the city of Ludhiana. However, we have plans to foray into other Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities across the country soon.

Q8. Where do you see HUMhain in the next five years?

Ans: I believe in making the most of today by putting in all the hard work. I would continue to give my best at it and leave the rest of the future for the divine to design.

Q9. Any other advice for startups trying to make it big in the sharing economy?

Ans: Have a belly like a phoenix, and don’t let the fire inside you fade away. That, precisely, is going to take you higher and higher.

Q10.  What led you to do this? Any uniqueness about your company?

Ans: The uniqueness in our startup is the spirit and the vision of our co founding team. I am an art of living volunteer and I feel lucky to be able to realize this earlier in the life that the sole purpose of this lifetime is to serve the society. Considering remaining 50 years of my life, and an increasing number of world population to be reached 50 years from now, HUMhain is the most efficient solution that I could follow. We didn’t know that we will reach to this point where success stories will be published upon us, but our intentions were clear. We have no prior business experience, neither handsome degrees, but we believe that when the intentions are clear, and you are always ready to learn, nature takes care of you and your growth.

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