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HubbyTrainer – Train your spouse to get things done

HubbyTrainer - TookanApp

It’s high time to put your lazy husband to a good use.

On this occasion of International Women’s Day, Tookan is launching an app to empower women in training their husband.

Along with office, kids and social life, housework usually comes under the kitty of one person “the wife”. Imagine how nice it would be if your husband actually did all the things you requested him to. One such thing is to get the laundry list of items, on his way back home. HubbyTrainer helps you do just that!

What more, women can easily track their location as they go about completing the tasks. Sorry, Hubby! No more marital disputes and no more chore wars, only HubbyTrainer.

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  1. Janae says:

    Hey, good to find soeomne who agrees with me. GMTA.

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