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How Yelo powers businesses with fast delivery services

By Gursumeet Kaur 11th October 2021

A healthy diet is largely dependent upon healthy food, no matter how hard eating healthy may be. Grocery shopping is an essential part of daily life. However, it is time-consuming and expensive. A number of retailers have adopted same-day doorstep delivery over the past few years. Nevertheless, the stakes are rising – and grocery delivery is now getting the lightning-fast treatment. Recently, several services have started offering grocery delivery within 15 minutes. These include Weezy, Fridge No More, Gorillas, and Jokr. 

Besides providing faster food and grocery delivery for customers, Q-commerce has reshaped the hyperlocal food and grocery delivery industry, creating greater opportunities for businesses to expand and grow. In order to build the right grocery white label app and to ensure a successful, speedy delivery process you need the right ordering and delivery platform.

grocery delivery

Here are some major features your ordering and delivery platform should include:

  1. Multiple micro fulfilment stores – 

It’s crucial for hyperlocal stores to have the capability of launching and managing multiple stores in different areas to make grocery delivery to customers easier and faster to compete with their national competitors. In order to accomplish this, you should be able to manage and display your menu and inventory in stores according to customer locations.

  1. Incorporating the right delivery platform – 

Any hyperlocal ordering business relies on seamless delivery integration. With Yelo, a hyperlocal ordering platform, you can accept orders on your app, and Tookan, a #1 delivery platform, seamlessly integrates with it in just one click. A seamless mapping algorithm allows you to automatically assign delivery boys or drivers as per their locations.

  1. Heat-maps in your delivery platform – 

Your drivers can use this feature to determine what local locations receive the most orders. Thus, enabling faster delivery.

  1. Payment Integration – 

Multiple payment gateways with smooth integration are another important feature to ensure the quickest delivery. You should have an open line of payment gateways for your customers. the opportunity to pay online using the payment gateway that best suits their availability, ensuring hassle-free payments and customer satisfaction.

And more…

grocery delivery

In spite of the pandemic’s devastation, many food, and grocery delivery businesses have diversified their offerings by becoming more focused on delivery, utilizing technology to reestablish themselves and show their agility. Companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, and startups have an opportunity to turn the aftereffects of the pandemic into innovation and growth now.

Brands following the 15min delivery model have the following advantages:

Besides the fast service, providing free delivery and no minimum orders, businesses benefit from this by gaining customers and their confidence. 

With the company buying products directly from wholesalers and producers, they can avoid the bypassing fee from the supermarket intermediaries.

In contrast to small stores (or fulfillment centers), dark stores (or micro-stores) serve online customers remotely and can be located in less expensive places such as basements, etc. Checkout counters and hiring cashiers will not be required.

Additionally, smaller stores have the advantage of tailoring their inventory to meet the needs of different neighborhoods or areas. Instead of having everything in stock, the business can determine which items sell best and carry them.


Know how Yelo can add value to your Business


Create a Grocery Delivery App tailored to increase conversions and improve the customer experience:

Yelo is an online hyperlocal marketplace builder solution that enables users to create and manage their virtual market.

Manage from one place:

Easily manage all orders by consolidating orders, changing menus, or enabling/disabling outlets.

Monitor performance

Give your customers a five-star experience with Yelo’s best-in-market features. Our customized reporting feature gives you access to the metrics to monitor performance and drive growth.

Analyze sales reports

Pick and choose the KPI’s that matter the most and generate automated reports on your business performance in all aspects that matter to you.

Customer management

Respond to customer queries, view reviews, and ratings given by customers, track customer history, set up payment integration for their convenience, etc. Everything from a single dashboard.

Route optimization for delivery staff

Manage multiple grocery stores and easily navigate to multiple destinations ensuring on-time deliveries.

Real-time tracking & updates

Auto-assign delivery tasks to agents on their app as per their geo-location. Allow your customers to track their orders from your app. And reach out to the agent whenever necessary.

And more…

Be a part of this change, make the best of the latest technology, and grow your business. Give it a try yourself with Yelo’s 14-day free trial and explore for yourself.

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