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How To Start Online Coaching Services For Students

By Tanvir Singh 17th August 2020

Students have always relied on online coaching, either in the form of tuition or distance learning, to further their education. However, with the spread of the pandemic, online coaching is the need of the hour. Tap into this growing industry by setting up your own tutoring business.  If you are wondering how to start online coaching, these are the steps to consider!

online coaching

Set Up A Business Plan

As with any venture, you must first begin with a clear business strategy. Set up a business plan that maps out the number of students you want to reach and the number of classes that will be conducted. Based on this, you can establish prices for online classes and expected revenue from the business. Panther is a powerful software that lets you build your own tutoring platform and tracks information such as revenue growth, classes conducted, and more. Once you have your online conversational model, you can proceed with the next steps.

Understand Your Target Audience

These days, it is possible to find online coaching classes for almost any topic or subject. In order to ensure that your coaching business plan is a success, identify your target audience and understand what type of classes they’re looking for. Based on your unique skill set and the information gleaned from talking to students, you can set up coaching classes that meet the needs of your target audience.

Develop A Teaching Plan

While looking up how to do online coaching, one of the first steps you come across is setting up a study plan. It is important to set a study plan that covers how the classes will be conducted, what the students will learn, and at what pace the classes will take place. Panther offers a range of options to communicate with students such as in-platform calls, texts and video calls. It allows you to conduct individual sessions as well as sessions with a larger number of students. The platform’s easy communication options combined with instant notifications make it the right platform to conduct your online classes.

online coaching

Set Up An Online Platform

Once you have decided on a business model and lesson plan, it is time to choose from the online coaching platforms available at your disposal. While choosing a platform, it is important to choose a platform that offers numerous functionalities and is easy to use. Panther is an online consultation marketplace creator that enables you to set up your coaching site without any coding. The software is easy to customize and manage. Set up your page and start promoting your coaching classes with ease.

Plan For A Growing Business

A sign of a successful business is growth. As someone who is learning how to start an online tutor platform from scratch, it is important to set up a plan on how to scale a business. Get in touch with skilled teachers or business partners that you can work with. As the revenue grows and the number of students increases. And you will need support when it comes to managing the business. Plan ahead to ensure that business flows smoothly.

online coaching

If you are interested in how to start an online coaching business, Panther has the solution for you. Panther is an online consulting platform creator that can help you set yourself apart in the overcrowded e-learning marketplace.

The software lets you manage payments and communicate securely within the platform. Additionally, it offers comprehensive analytics that can help you grow your business. Visit Panther and get started on your tutoring business today!

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