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Here’s How Drones are Transforming the On-Demand Economy?

By Guest User 20th July 2019

The on-demand economy is everywhere around you. Whenever you feel hungry, you can tap your phone and get food delivered to your location. Similarly, get laundry picked up and delivered without the need to go out. Like restaurants & laundry marts, millions of businesses from hundreds of different verticals are on their toes to serve their customers at their location. One thing which is common between all these startups & established companies in the on-demand economy is mobile workforce. After all, there has to be a connection between the service provider and customer. In some cases

  • In the case of Uber & Lyft, it is the drivers.
  • In case of Postmates, it is the people who deliver you the stuff.
  • In case of Washio, it is the ninjas who pick up and deliver your clothes.
  • In case of Instacart, it is the shoppers who shop and deliver your groceries.

When drones came into existence, it was only a matter of time when some companies thought about integrating GPS into drones and use them to automate deliveries. One such innovative company to take this step is Amazon which is already testing out package delivery through drones in selected areas of the US. As of now, you would often see

The on demand economy is still picking up in major parts of the world and according to a fact, people love working for such on-demand startups as they offer flexibility of work timings and the opportunity to be your own boss and earn as much as you want.


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