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How chatbots are revolutionizing business?

By Navneet Kaur 26th April 2019

Chatbots are taking the business world to a whole new level. It has become necessary for businesses to respond to customer queries quickly and it has to be precise. Customers don’t want to listen to any information apart from what they have asked for, all they need is a direct answer without any delay or else they will lose interest and will go to your competitor.

If your business is successful in capturing the customer’s attention, need and requirements while he is on the chat with minimum use of words, you will see your business revenue graph going up.
Customer service departments will have another helping hand when you introduce chatbots powered platforms like “Hippo” to their business.

Chatbot is a computer program who can have real conversation.

Moving further, cost or capabilities of a chatbot will depend on the type of technology used. Bots are categorized into two different categories:

Command based chatbots: These are those bots which rely on the database for having a conversation. They will only prompt replies which are already fed in the system. These bots are not capable of creating messages from their own.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) based chatbots: These are the smarter version of chatbots. While talking to these bots you don’t have to be specific. They will create replies with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning on the basis of previous conversations.

Reasons why chatbots are must for every business now:

As we were discussing chatbots at the beginning of the article, that how they are revolutionizing the business trends, it now my responsibility that I should tell you that what are the core reason due to which every business should implement chatbots.

To start with, every big business house is now having there own chatbots and they are making their user experience flawless and gaining customers trust and loyalty.

By 2020 it is said that 80% of businesses will have their own chatbot.

I have listed 5 points which will describe the importance of chatbots:

Cut down the operational cost:

According to Chatbot Magazine, the chatbot will help a business to cut customer service cost by 30%. That’s a big number for any business size and who doesn’t want to be cost effective.

Bots will be able to give your customer’s support and will solve their queries which are repetitive in nature, whereas the support team will be able to handle complex queries.

Hiring agents for 24*7*365 days is a very expensive affair.

ChatBots increase sales:

“A sale is not something you pursue; it’s what happens to you while you are immersed in serving your customers.”

Chatterbots collect information like name, contact details, the product they want to inquire about and so much more from the customer. They deliver proper product knowledge to the customer without any error. From this, they create customer data which ease out the salespeople work.

They keep customer engaged on the website and that leads to quick closure.

Higher user engagement:

Chatbots gives the customer interactive experience. Customers are excited when they interact with bots because everyone wants to explore what comes new in the market.

Bots give complete and accurate information to the customer which is professional and bug-free. If bots are put into use properly, it will help the customer to find what they are looking for and the customer will come back to you for purchase.

Availability from anywhere and everywhere:

When we talk about the availability there might come a chance that you cannot reach the support agent sometimes but chatbots are always available. You can access them from any device, mobile phone is the perfect example for that. All you need it to get a good chat support platform integrated with your website.

To keep your customers happy, you have to make sure that support is always there to help them.

Customers expectations and brand building:

Chatbots are designed carefully. keeping in mind the complete product information and brand value.

They have all the knowledge about the products and services available with every minute details, which is sometimes lacking in human. The customer wants simplified answers but with the complete information, so bots do that job with perfection!


There has been a significant rise in the number of users who are implementing chatbots into their business and this number will increase exponentially in coming times. Having the best chat platform with chatbots feature will be a necessity soon. Most of the companies look for a built-in chat support platform for their website and social media platforms.

As chatbots are the getting smart day by day, so my question to you is:

Will chatbots be able to replace human assistance entirely?

Comment your answers below.

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