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Many Problems,
One Chat Support Solution

One Customer Support Tool For All Businesses

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Drive Customer Engagament and Increase Sales

With Hippo, Find A One Stop Solution Across Hosts

  • Ecommerce
  • Marketplace
  • On-Demand Services
  • Business Websites

Hippo for Ecommerce

Resolve Customer Queries while Increasing Satisfaction and Order Value

Hippo for Marketplace

Provide A Private Platform For Sellers and Buyers To Connect

Hippo for on demand services

Enhance Customer Service For Uber Like Business and Revists

Hippo for Business Websites

Use Features Like Chatbots For Automating Standard Queries

Provide End-To-End Solution To Sales and Support Woes

Boost Your Website Performace With Hippo Chat Support

Customer Engagement

Engage Customer
Across Channels

Lead Generation

Convert Visitors
As They Come

After Sales Service

Increase Up-Sell and
Cross-Sell opportunities

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