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All in One Suite

All in one Suite

Engagements are much more than just shooting out campaigns. That's why Hippo enables you to provide conversational support to your customer free of cost. Use chatbots, live chats, phone calls and conference calls to provide your customers with real-time support for a seamless experience.


Use the most popular and effective channel to engage with your customers.

Create campaigns that include videos, GIFs, etc. Provide proactive customer support Target Cart Abandonment Convert Dormant Users and Window Shoppers into customers
Whatsapp Hippo
Powerful Segmentation

Powerful Segmentation

Create segments without limitations. Unlike MoEngage you can create segments over any time period, and use any combination of events, profile attributes, location, predicted values, etc.

Customisable templates

Don't be stuck with the limited email templates provided by MoEngage. We believe every business is unique and so are its customers.

Customisable templates Drag and drop content HTML copy/paste
Customisable templates
Explicit Analytics

Explicit Analytics

Track campaign efficiency, product statistics, and channel performance from a single dashboard to find areas for improvement and boost user engagements by using a data-driven strategy across the customer lifetime.

User-friendly Interface

How can you provide customers with a seamless experience if you yourself are perplexed by the complicated UI of MoEngage? Switch to Hippo, the best MoEngage alternative for a clean and easy-to-navigate experience and focus on what's important.

User-friendly Interface
Designated mobile apps

Designated mobile apps

Along with the white-label platform you also get Hippo apps for your android and iOS devices so that you and your agents can work with the convenience of smartphones.

Seamless Integration

Hippo provides a large no. of integrations and is comparatively more developer-friendly with numerous ways of implementation:

Web and WhatsApp widgets UI Kits APIs and SDK
Seamless Integration
Instant Setup

Instant Setup

You don't have to wait for hours or days to start your work. Hippo javascript can be integrated with your current setup within a few Seconds, automatically synchronizing all historical and future predictions for better marketing.

We got your back

In the unlikely event, your Hippo encounters a bug or you need help with a feature, our experts are here to help. We are available 24*7 to provide you with any support that you need.

Hippo experts
Hippo Helpdesk

Helpdesk and Demo videos

Apart from the demo, we also provide various articles and videos on Helpdesk and Youtube respectively for your better understanding. You can learn to use Hippo and its various features on any device.

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