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Create an online
healthcare app for
Medical Consultation

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Connect Doctors with patient in real-time

How does Healthcare App works?

  • Patients register on your medical marketplace.
  • Patients search for their problems and reach out
    to expert Doctors.
  • Doctor provide answers via call, video or
    chat, and gets paid instantly.
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How Healthcare Consultation App allow patients to
connect through various consultation modes

  • A real-time Chat feature to reach patients
  • Voice calling to reduce network charges for patients
  • Video calling feature that allows easy interaction with patients
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Give Doctors the flexibility to set their fees through:

  • Fee per minute.
  • Fee as per Mode of communication.
  • Fee as per Consultancy provided .
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Collect Instant Payments from patients

Integrate your conversational marketplace with multiple payment gateways to get instant payment

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Easily Integrate your marketplace across social media platform

Manage your patients from all platforms in one account by integrating your marketplace with your Facebook pages.

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Keep a track on your Analytics

With Hippo, track your daily transaction and revenue collected over a period of time.

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Our Offerings

Admin App

Admin app help you to manage your Hippo account on-the-go and help to manage users and groups.

Doctor App

We help Doctors to communicate through our cutting-edge technology which is designed to drive better results for thier Patients.

Patient App

Patient app provides an effective platform that will make their voices heard and give access to their problems.

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