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Stepping into the room of Car Service


Started in 1945 and now, the largest distribution in Saudi Arabia, Go AutoPoint is a subsidiary of Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ) to offer on-demand car service platform.

Booking Car Service Appointments

Go AutoPoint wanted to make it easy for customers to schedule car service appointments on the basis the availability of service center.

- Yelo customer app allowed customers to book car service appointment across multiple service categories available as per location

Enabling Reverse geocoding helped to track customer’s location for navigating customer to the service center.

Categorizing Multiple Car Services

Go AutoPoint wanted to enable customers select the service category/ subcategory easily from the range of options.

- The Customer App permits the service center admin to categorically maintain the list of services provided.

Categorization of multiple car services makes it easy for the customer to select the right service for their car effortlessly.

Auto- Generation Of Invoices

Generating Invoices manually is a redundant and tedious task, not to mention the woes of maintaining a paper trail.

- Once the car is serviced, the system automatically generates and send an invoice customer email address and communicates through SMS.

Generating invoices Online helped Go AutoPoint generate revenue reports with the custom periods and saved the efforts of maintaining paper trail.

Resolution Of Customer Grievances

Go Autopoint believes that Customer Satisfaction is the top priority of the company adopting a “Guest First” Principle.

- Our platform enabled them to seamlessly integrate a custom chat support system which facilitates immediate customer query resolution and satisfaction.

Such Seamless Integration helped Go Autopoint to attain positive customer responses and provide an end-to-end experience.

Ratings and Feedback

With a strong focus on customer service, it was essential for Go Autopoint to keep a track of customer experiences and further improve them.

- The Dashboard allows the admin to view ratings and feedbacks given by the customer before or after the service.

The Ratings and Feedbacks give better insights to admin and reduce the resolution time for customer queries.

  • Future Potential

    Go AutoPoint plans to be the largest On-demand car service while maintaining customer centricity. They plan to aggregate other car service centres and eventually diversify to spare parts.

    JungleWorks is proud to have played a part in this amazing journey!

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