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By jwork 15th October 2019

Scrum Bot helps teams to manage their works through Sprints and Stand-up meetings, and having them on Fugu—where your team communicates, brings together every detail and discussion under one roof. Automate status meetings, Trackwork progress, business metrics, obstacles, and team happiness 24×7 and get summary reports in Fugu.

How to Get into Scrum Bot?

  • Go to menu on top-right drop-down menu and there is an option Bots
    Team communication Chat App
  • Click on Bots, then there are multiple Bots
    Team communication Chat App
  • Then click on Scrum Bot and install
    Team communication Chat App

If you install Scrum Bot then it becomes one of the channels in the workspace. Manager of the workspace has access to Scrum Bot.

  • Scrum Bot as a channel
    Team communication Chat App
  • Scrum Bot Settings
    Team communication Chat App

Type Settings and send then one link will be appeared, click on that link to open settings.

  • Settings page, Firstly there is an option to Schedule Scrum
    Team communication Chat App
    In scheduling, the manager can plan a Scrum where he/she can set date and time. There is an option to create Scrum for a single day or whole week at a particular time.
  • Respondents and Questions
    Team communication Chat App
    Add the members in the given space, who are answerable to the questions in the Scrum. On this page by default, there are three questions that are editable and also the manager can add questions as per his requirements. There is an option “Waiting Time” by which the manager can set Scrum time after a particular time Scrum is no more active. “End Time Reminder” by this option manager can send a reminder that respondents still not answer the questions.
  • Results Delivery
    Team communication Chat App
    After completing the Scrum time answers are automatically sent to the manager and any channel that is allowed by the manager.
  • How Answers Displayed
    Team communication Chat App
    All the answers that are given by the respondents are shown as the replies under every question separately. In every channel and Scrum Bot answers are clearly shown along with respondent’s names.
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