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Fatafat scales its presence and revenue with Yelo- A brief Case Study

By Shilpi Chhabra 9th July 2021

“Need something to be bought, picked up or delivered at your doorstep? Fatafat will do it in no time.”

Fatafat is a one-stop solution for all your delivery needs! The services extend from offering an online delivery business platform that offers pick up and delivery of anything from anywhere at any point in time. 

This case study throws light on how the Yelo platform has enabled Fatafat to overcome the ground-level challenges during its planning and launching phase. 

Enlisted Challenges Fatafat face before going live:

The following is a list of challenges that hampered the platform’s operational setup:

Unavailability of a single platform to launch a multi-vendor business online:

Before getting in touch with Yelo, it was difficult for the Fatafat team to nail down an online marketplace that could complement their business philosophy. They were looking for an online multidirectional business platform to build the online visibility of different categories of services they wish to offer. 

Inadequate features to support the business model:

Fatafat aims to target different age groups at different demographics. None of the platforms available in the market supported the multidimensional expansion of the idea into reality. It was a challenge for Fatafat to either compromise with the quantity of the services or the platform’s quality. 

Messed Inventory:

Fatafat visualised to expand and scale with its immediate launch. Fatafat is a multidimensional approach with a huge number of products. It is very difficult to keep an eye on and does not seem easy to keep track of all. The messed inventory could be a hurdle in meeting up the expectations of the market. And Fatafat was rigid about becoming the preferred choice of business in the market. 

Lack of business insights:

The Fatafat team is a tech-driven team and needs to manage their customers’ records, data their needs, predictable order and many more through a single window. 

These were the first set of struggles that Fatafat came up with when they were planning to transition their business idea into a running business model.

Here is a sneak peek at how Yelo helps in overcoming the above pain points with concrete solutions. 

Yelo empowering the launch with tech-driven solutions

Fatafat discovered Yelo, a comprehensive platform that met all of their day-to-day operational requirements. 

A multi-vendor approach on a single platform:

Yelo has in-built qualities to handle multi-level functions such as pick and drop, online ordering, online delivery and many other multidimensional aspects, as requested by the client (Fatafat). As a result, it’s an excellent venue to start a business and communicate with clients. In every way, the platform complemented the company’s philosophy.

Feature-rich platform:

Yelo earns high praise when it comes to the multi-feature compatibility approach. The team Yelo was quick to integrate the asked/ expected features in the platform for Fatafat. It helps in making the launch seamless and smooth. 

Click here to know in detail about features supported by Yelo.

Automated Inventory Management:

The automated inventory support feature helps Fatafat to keep an update over the inventory like a pro. Without much manual intervention, the availability and quantity were showcased on the single dashboard. 

Data loaded Reports:

Yelo dashboard enables the merchant, the vendors to get periodic reports about the performance, the orders completion rate and many other things. It helps in evaluating the underlying business opportunities and understanding the highlights and lowlights of the business. 

That’s not all! The list of perks is growing with the growing market. 

Fatafat key takeaways with Yelo Platform 

  • Fatafat was able to make a quick transition to a desired and feature-rich multipurpose web platform.
  • Through a single platform, intelligent and engaging outreach to target audiences is possible.
  • Smart practises resulted in more effective customer involvement and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Increase in entertaining bookings by tenfold without interfering with existing ones. It is crucial in maintaining as many clients as possible.
  • Throughout its early stages, Yelo allowed it to do minimal documentation and provided a detailed analytical view of Fatafat’s performance.

Statistical Insights reporting with a lot of punch: 

Fatafat has cracked the code of sustainability in the market. Here are a few documented benefits:

  •  430K active customers are using Fatafat 
  • 390K plus orders are successfully catered till now
  • $75k ROI generated, and figures are growing
  • 10x scalability of Fatafat brand with 265 domestic and 12 international active franchises
  • 13 countries in the globe are using Fatafat
  • 30k+ active merchants are on Fatafat 

The list goes on with different revenue-driven outcomes.

“Yelo enables us to think about Future without worrying too much about the day to day challenges. We are happy and satisfied to make the right decision by choosing Yelo”. – Team Fatafat 

You could be the next!

If you have a business idea that resonates with the Yelo platform or can be executed with Yelo’s features, feel free to jump on a virtual coffee meet and make it happen for your business.

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