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Everything you Need to Know About Driver Payment Management

By Vishal Thakur 1st September 2021

The increasing demand for cab services has led to its ultimate growth. The companies such as Uber, Ola are tremendously reaching hikes with their efficient service to the customers. 

To meet the competitive demand, the companies have hired a bunch of employees. With the increasing number of employees, the employee management system is getting much tougher. The most affected management is driver’s payment management

Recently, according to one of the reports drawn out it was concluded that drivers are facing problems in their monthly wages as well as cashless transactions. Certain cases have been reported to the companies. With the regular hike of high numbers of people, the driver payment management is deteriorating day by day. 

driver payment management: Tookan

Well before that, think isn’t it tough to maintain the bulk records of the payments of your drivers for every month? Is it not very lengthy and time-consuming to maintain the driver payment system manually? I guess it will be and to help lower your stress with effective management you need to have systematic system. 

A system that cuts down your stress related to driver payment management and it is none other than an automated driver payment system. This tool will ensure that your drivers are billed every once in a while, with full transparency and reliability. 

Starting from the monthly payment of your driver, the driver payment system will calculate the data for billing and payouts to the driver i.e. for daily, weekly, and monthly. As per the retrieved data money will be automatically transferred to the driver’s account with the automatic saving of the transaction records. 

It will exclude the manual calculation and manually interpreted data. The driver payment system must also feature that if any passengers pay cash, the money will go to the driver and the billing system should register such payments but it shouldn’t top up the driver balance with the total received. It will require just to ensure to maintain the regular payment data. 

Moving further, the software needs to build up from the driver’s perception. As, the drivers too require to follow their transactions and fees charged, and the amount of payout. Such features will enable drivers to experience a better overview of what they earn. Moreover, it will also help you to build trust between the company and the employees which in turn acts as motivation. 

Some listed benefits of payment management system:

  • Track out the trips which have already been settled with the driver.
  • It regularly generates a PDF, which has all the details of payment.
  • Helps to figure out different payout agreements with different drivers.
  • Eliminates the duplication of the transaction.
  • Makes it easier for the owners to handle the employees.
  • Presents all the details at your fingertips.


To handle the increasing demands with a smoother flow of working channel driver payment system is a must for it. With all these issues, we have come up with the latest and effective software which is useful to the companies as well as the drivers. 

Tookan tends to solve these problems with its effective driver management system. It is committed to advance out of the field of automotive payments. It ensures that tests and solutions are rolled out into the market. We have prioritized both company and drivers to experience the best of it. So, are you up for the collaboration? Or want to know the more benefits associated with it? Let’s connect! 

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