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Domino’s Pizza Chile optimizes daily operations

By Aastha Malhotra 15th October 2021

Domino’s Pizza, Inc., is a multinational pizza restaurant chain and has become the world’s leading pizza delivery company. Domino’s is a hugely popular brand name and has high brand loyalty. It offers a diverse range of products apart from Pizzas, hygienic food and quick service, and best online and mobile ordering platform. Its renowned USP of “Home delivery under 30 minutes or else pizza free” is a challenging benchmark to maintain. 

Domino’s Pizza Chile aims to maintain all of the above USPs and provide the best home delivery services to its customers. Therefore, Domino’s Pizza Chile chose Tookan as its delivery management software. 

Tookan is a digital tool used to plan, schedule, manage, optimise, and execute increasingly complex dispatch activities. The delivery management system provides a centralised communication model that connects everyone in the delivery cycle to make deliveries as fast, transparent and efficient as possible.

Domino’s Pizza Chile wanted to streamline their daily delivery operations right from pickup to final delivery while also providing their customers with an option to track their orders. To fulfil all their requirements, Tookan assists Domino’s Pizza Chile by providing the following features:

Real-time Tracking

With the help of real-time tracking capabilities on the Tookan dashboard, Domino’s Pizza Chile has been able to track the exact location of all drivers performing assigned tasks and use them more efficiently thus reducing the idle capacity. They are now able to monitor the delivery agents and ensure timely delivery at the customer’s doorstep. 

Domino's_Real Time tracking

Real-time tracking has helped them to stay true to their promise of delivering orders under 30 minutes. 

API Integrations & Task Automation

Domino’s Pizza Chile has integrated its order management system with Tookan through its APIs. As soon as a request is placed on the app, the task is automatically created in Tookan and assigned to the most suitable delivery agent with the help of “Auto-Assignment” feature. This feature helps to manage multiple tasks in one go and with greater efficiency as well as to reduce the manual effort to a great extent. 

Domino's_Task automation

Proof of Delivery

Maintaining proof of delivery becomes essential to ensure precise and correct delivery of each order. Domino’s Pizza Chile wanted to maintain a record of all their daily transactions for the same purpose. Tookan’s “Proof of Delivery” feature allows agents to scan barcodes, add notes, images and collect digital signatures upon completing a task. 

Tookan’s advanced technology allows Domino’s Pizza Chile to better coordinate, manage, and track its delivery personnel in the field. The seamless integration of Tookan with its existing order management system produced great results. Try Tookan for your Business today to build your success story.

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