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Uber Purchases Postmates – Another Big Acquisition to Disrupt the On-Demand Food Industry

Let’s admit it: Uber has been a smart player in the industry. Their decisive actions are always the talk of the town. The on-demand food industry is the perfect market fit for the times we live in. In a new series of events, Uber has just acquired Postmates. This all-stock deal ignites competition in the […]

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The Best Alternative to ordering.co – YELO

Are you confused, and can’t decide on who to choose to create your virtual marketplace? Look no further as we have all the information you need to make the right choice.  As the world has taken a turn online, it is the right time for you to have your business’s social presence. To keep the […]

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The Ultimate Handbook to Start your Online Marketplace Business

How to Start an Online Marketplace

Whether you want to create a food delivery service just like Swiggy or GrubHub or want to sell clothes online, Yelo has your back.

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The 15 Best Online Marketplaces for Ecommerce Retailers in 2020

Online marketplace

If there is one thing the year 2020 has taught us, it is that digital is the way forward. Each day we hear news of another brick and mortar establishment shutting its doors due to non-payment of rent and high overhead costs. An online marketplace helps businesses to establish their presence globally without any extensive […]

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How to start a dog washing business in 1 day?

Humans share an affectionate relationship with their canine companions. If you belong to a pet-lover category, starting your own dog grooming business will be a win-win situation for you. Although, if your heart is still untouched by the paws of these fluffy creatures; give a try to this use case. You will immediately connect with […]

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How to Sell Food Online: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Food Online

The key to running any successful business is finding partners you can count on. For an online food business, finding suppliers who’ll support you wholeheartedly is essential. No matter if you’re selling food products that you make from scratch or reselling those made by others, you will need a reliable supplier to get you either the raw ingredients or the finished products.

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Alcohol Home Delivery Amid COVID-19: Build Your Own Alcohol Delivery App

Alcohol Delivery

Last week, the country witnessed thousands of citizens flouting social distancing norms just to get their liquor fix. If you’ve seen the long lines outside alcohol shops over the past few days, you must be wondering if there is a better way to get access to alcohol.

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India’s Fight Against COVID-19: Online grocery platform sees a sudden surge

India emerges as one of the sensible nations around the globe that has effortlessly tried to apply the exit strategy of this novel coronavirus from its territory. The extended steps taken by the government have created the required gap between the infected and the healthy public. The government took significant decisions and imposed a lockdown […]

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Choose the Best Online Food Ordering System in 2020: Yelo, Menu Drive, ChowNow, GloriaFood or ToastPOS.

Online Food Ordering System

Nobody will get to know about your restaurant or food delivery business if one hasn’t visited your restaurant yet. You need to establish your presence in the market. Building an online presence is nothing but just tapping your customer’s shoulder and telling them about how delicious your food is. The online food market is growing […]

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3 Business ideas for a stay-at-home parent

Are you a stay- at -home parent? If yes, then feel proud because you are doing a great job by upbringing your little one and making him prepare for the challenges of life. But, is it true that at any hour of the day, you feel disappointed or left out for not earning money like […]

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