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Choose the Best Online Food Ordering System in 2020: Yelo, Menu Drive, ChowNow, GloriaFood or ToastPOS.

Online Food Ordering System

Nobody will get to know about your restaurant or food delivery business if one hasn’t visited your restaurant yet. You need to establish your presence in the market. Building an online presence is nothing but just tapping your customer’s shoulder and telling them about how delicious your food is. The online food market is growing […]

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3 Business ideas for a stay-at-home parent

Are you a stay- at -home parent? If yes, then feel proud because you are doing a great job by upbringing your little one and making him prepare for the challenges of life. But, is it true that at any hour of the day, you feel disappointed or left out for not earning money like […]

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The most profitable low-cost Hyperlocal business Ideas to start in 2020

On Demand Hyperlocal Businesses

2019 has come to an end and marks the end of this decade. The Millennials are now parents; Electronic music is on the rise; There are 20-20 matches in Cricket and “You Can Order Anything, Anytime, Anywhere Online”. This convenience in buying things or availing the service has been possible due to “Hyperlocal Businesses”. If […]

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Myths About Online Business That You Should Never Believe

Myths About Online Business

You have a business or you have come up with an awesome new product idea, and you are thinking to take it to an online platform. Your family and friends have given you thumbs up, but you are still far from launching an online business. You are scared about financing, building a website and keeping […]

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#Logout Campaign: Should Restaurateurs Logout or Stay with Aggregators


#LogOut campaign has created a Buzz in the internet by storm. Due to this campaign, over 1,200 restaurants have logged out off food platforms that offer discounts at dine-in restaurants. What is #Logout campaign and how did it start? The number of food platforms are increasing by the day. Most of these platforms offer huge […]

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Boost Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention using custom Push Notifications

Push Notifications were developed to help businesses deliver customers timely and helpful content that adds value, and improves the customer’s stickiness with the product. They can be used to solve some of the significant issues which online entrepreneurs face today. Push notifications help in improving “Customer Engagement”, “Customer Retention” and also helps in enhancing the […]

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Starting your own food delivery business for the Netflix age

Food Delivery Business

Starting your own food delivery business for the modern Netflix lovers. Learn the pre-requisites and the promotion techniques to kick start your food delivery business.

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How the ‘Google Search Algorithm’ works for your Online Marketplace Business

75% of all the searches happen in the Google search engine; the only reason being it provides the most relevant search results in a fraction of a second. Google achieves this using an algorithm called the ‘Google Search Algorithm’. The ‘Google Search Algorithm’ uses not one but about 200 factors to display the most relevant […]

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What you need to know before you start an online store in 2019 ?

Everyone these days are looking to be their own boss or want to start a business to earn some money. While there are plenty of ways to turn skills and interests into income, running an online store is one of the quickest ways. Running a successful online business definitely has its appeal, but comes with […]

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Setting up an online store with SaaS platform

Over the past few years, e-commerce or digitization has completely changed the buying and selling process of goods and services. Today entrepreneurs are moving to an online store so that they can reach to the larger audience and give their customers convenience, to order round the clock and from any corner of the world. According […]

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