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How to Sell Food Online: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Food Online

The key to running any successful business is finding partners you can count on. For an online food business, finding suppliers who’ll support you wholeheartedly is essential. No matter if you’re selling food products that you make from scratch or reselling those made by others, you will need a reliable supplier to get you either the raw ingredients or the finished products.

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Just Eat Takeaway Purchases Grubhub: How this collaboration will change the on-demand food delivery business game!

Another masterstroke in the on-demand food delivery business! Just Eat Takeaway combines with Grubhub. It marks the creation of a  global online food delivery chain. The food industry woke up to this groundbreaking news. The collaboration has swiped away the game plan of many giant players in the industry.  So, What next? The deal capped […]

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Alcohol Home Delivery Amid COVID-19: Build Your Own Alcohol Delivery App

Alcohol Delivery

Last week, the country witnessed thousands of citizens flouting social distancing norms just to get their liquor fix. If you’ve seen the long lines outside alcohol shops over the past few days, you must be wondering if there is a better way to get access to alcohol.

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India’s Fight Against COVID-19: Online grocery platform sees a sudden surge

India emerges as one of the sensible nations around the globe that has effortlessly tried to apply the exit strategy of this novel coronavirus from its territory. The extended steps taken by the government have created the required gap between the infected and the healthy public. The government took significant decisions and imposed a lockdown […]

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Pharmacy Delivery at home: Small Initiative to Create a Big Difference in Coronavirus Epidemic

With the wake of Coronavirus Epidemic in the recent times, the landscape of the world has been changed for the worse. People are getting panic and are confined to stay at home for days or weeks. The whole world is trying to brace itself stronger and harder to stand against this deadly disease.  However, in […]

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The most profitable low-cost Hyperlocal business Ideas to start in 2020

On Demand Hyperlocal Businesses

2019 has come to an end and marks the end of this decade. The Millennials are now parents; Electronic music is on the rise; There are 20-20 matches in Cricket and “You Can Order Anything, Anytime, Anywhere Online”. This convenience in buying things or availing the service has been possible due to “Hyperlocal Businesses”. If […]

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Building a Marketplace like Airbnb or Etsy has never been easier

We are launching ‘Tiger’ the right place to build your own peer-to-peer marketplace platform. Now, build a marketplace like Airbnb or Etsy in less than 586 seconds.  At Jungleworks, we understand that starting a business is not easy and requires dedication and passion. Each business owner tries to add a new flavour to the industry […]

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Myths About Online Business That You Should Never Believe

Myths About Online Business

You have a business or you have come up with an awesome new product idea, and you are thinking to take it to an online platform. Your family and friends have given you thumbs up, but you are still far from launching an online business. You are scared about financing, building a website and keeping […]

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#Logout Campaign: Should Restaurateurs Logout or Stay with Aggregators


#LogOut campaign has created a Buzz in the internet by storm. Due to this campaign, over 1,200 restaurants have logged out off food platforms that offer discounts at dine-in restaurants. What is #Logout campaign and how did it start? The number of food platforms are increasing by the day. Most of these platforms offer huge […]

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Making an impression with a fully customisable landing page for your marketplace

Landing Page

We don’t know where our first impressions come from or precisely what they mean, but first impressions are the most lasting. When we start talking about your marketplace, your landing page is the first thing your users see. Your marketplace with custom landing page is used to communicate your main value proposition to your audience, […]

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