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Why are Business Partnerships Important?

Are you struggling to increase your customer reach or manage your business venture? Tried all promotion strategies but they aren’t working out for you? Read along as we have the perfect solution to all your worries; Partnership with Jungleworks.  What is a business partnership?  To survive in the new online world, your business needs a […]

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How Can Becoming a Partner With Jungleworks Accelerate Your Business?

The JungleWorks Partner Program Better together is a mantra that applies to businesses today more than it has ever before. Every business brings something unique to the table and the best way to provide customers with an omnichannel experience is by partnering with other businesses to create something truly special. If you’re looking to partner […]

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A Breakout Tool to Education: E-Learning

Most governments around the world have temporarily closed educational institutions in an attempt to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. A key aspect of coping with Covid-19 is to ensure that services are being delivered to whatever extent possible despite the challenge to be adaptive and be resilient.  Education: From Disruption to Recovery Statistics […]

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Advice to early-stage start-ups to keep businesses afloat during and post- COVID-19

While the global economy has been put on an indefinite pause amid COVID-19, businesses are experiencing unprecedented fallouts. Starting from the contagious outbreak, then followed by precautionary measures such as social distancing, quarantine, to the lockdown imposition- it is quite challenging for startups to keep themselves safe from drifting apart. The current situation calls for […]

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Best Secure Alternative to Zoom Video Conferencing App: Fugu

Coronavirus has put millions of professionals to work from home. The new remote work culture and social distancing entail the need to use a video conferencing tool to replicate in-person meetings. In the initial lockdown phase, Zoom has exploded in popularity as one of the absolute choices for video conferencing. But it also happens to […]

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The Importance of Entrepreneurial Mental Health

Ambitious Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our society. The entrepreneurship statistics of 2020 indicate that around 582 million people are in the race of setting up their own business and the figures shall continue to grow. When we look at the life of an entrepreneur and hear about his struggles, we understand that he needs […]

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Business ideas to start from home during COVID- 19

The Coronavirus outbreak is shaking up the global economy on a massive scale. The world is scrambling hard to combat the current and upcoming economic consequences of this black swan event. As this global economic crisis continues, it is expected that businesses will not return to normal for a long time. Even consumer behaviour will […]

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How Safe Pass empower Government decisions to Keep Lockdown?

The decisive actions of the Government to lockdown the places have been applauded because of its soothing impact on the current restlessness. Although, no one was prepared for it! This unanimous decision of the government to lock down the places has given a scope to the on-demand delivery businesses to carry out their business operations […]

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Here’s How Husky Helps In Connecting Talent To The Employers

Freelancer market is growing exponentially in recent times. With the world becoming accessible through e-connection, the need to reach out the right talent could easily be met via a smart internet connection. For those, who are not much familiar with the concept of the freelancer market, it is a place where you can get in […]

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Coronavirus Transitions to Work from Home

With everything that’s happening about the Coronavirus, it might be very hard to make a decision of what to do.  Companies all over the world are making their operations remote for the first time to combat the spread of the coronavirus. But, what about JungleWorks? How are we all doing in these times of uncertainty, […]

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