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How ideal is it to set-up a disposable delivery business amid this new normal world?

Disposable delivery business

Opportunities knock on everyone’s door at least once in a lifetime. Some of us embrace it and some are still in the dilemma of whether to go ahead or not. Where do you categorize yourself in the list? Admit it – you too believe that every sunset gives a silent promise of a new sunrise. […]

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Setting up a logistic business? Here’s how DispatchTrack, a startup in logistic business manages to compete with top competitors

Heard about it? DispatchTrack leads the competitive race with its first-ever funding. This bootstrapped start-up manages to impress one of the high-profile investors of the industry. This marks as great news coming during the unprecedented COVID-19 times. A time when businesses are struggling to maintain sustainability in the market. There are still many of the […]

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How to upgrade your catering business model in and after the COVID-19 era?

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to ravage the world, we all know that nothing would be as usual. In this re-negotiating phase of society, we are intended to embrace the changes.  During the recovery stage, businesses begin to tide the past and current crisis by making some needed amendments in their existing business model. The […]

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A potential business idea to embrace: Garbage Pickup Business

Over the last demi-decade; the on-demand businesses associated with different industrial sectors have become more popular. The shifted dependency of customers to doorstep delivery has effectively leveraged the presence of on-demand businesses in the market. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur; who wishes to try his hand on the on-demand startup business model but is […]

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Stripe launches in India: Introducing a new chapter of payment gateway

Stripe, a global tech company has recently announced its launch in India. The worldwide acceptance of more than 135 currencies makes Stripe, a giant player of the section of economic infrastructure for the online portals.  What makes Stripe- a better choice to go operational in India is its compatibility to launch full tech stack, 3-D […]

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Say Cheers! to Online Alcohol delivery business in this COVID-19 outbreak

The rising pandemic of COVID-19 has already caused havoc that has eventually led to drastic consequences at a global level. The crowd is getting restless with the abrupt change and are worried about their future. People have started to self isolate themselves by maintaining social distancing. In such a chaotic situation, businesses are finding it […]

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Coronavirus Panic To Offer Potential Growth Opportunites To On-demand Grocery Business

The horror story of the Coronavirus epidemic has already created a great panic around the world. People are getting anxious with the sudden unfolding of events and are worried about the future.  When human lives are at a high stake of getting infection from this deadly virus, people are subjected to keep themselves distanced from […]

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Pharmacy Delivery at home: Small Initiative to Create a Big Difference in Coronavirus Epidemic

With the wake of Coronavirus Epidemic in the recent times, the landscape of the world has been changed for the worse. People are getting panic and are confined to stay at home for days or weeks. The whole world is trying to brace itself stronger and harder to stand against this deadly disease.  However, in […]

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Switch Your Profitable Restaurant Business Into a Profitable Delivery Business In This COVID-19

Turbulence created with the outbreak of Coronavirus will forever change how the world will operate. It is not a short term situation, we need to be ready for the long haul. Almost every human on this planet is impacted strongly with this pandemic. At a time, when the world economy is hit hard with this […]

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How to Retain Your Delivery Agents in the Coronavirus Epidemic?

Coronavirus is not a new term for the World. The panic situation is on its exaggerated verge after the virus hitting more than 99 countries across the globe. As per the latest statistical data, the death toll has increased to 3,826 as of 09 March 2020. The chaotic turbulence is much expected in this crucial […]

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