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How to create a virtual library store for your book shop?

In the era of digitization and the Internet of Things (IoT), the online marketplace has become more interactive than ever before. And with the utilization of the internet, the door to a broad spectrum of avenues for e-businesses has opened and led to the online library business. The conventional library model has become a victim […]

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How to Build an Online Rental Marketplace like Zillow

From the second you find yourself on a rental landing page, you are bombarded with information about the best rental prices and jargon that goes way over your head. An online rental marketplace can be daunting for even the most experienced real estate guru, but if you know where to look, it can be a […]

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8 Business Ideas to Platform your Passion into a High-Earning Business Model

Although the traditional method of setting up a business has its benefits, living in a digital age has made having an online business the more profitable option. A popular and growing trend in the online business sector is ‘renting over buying.’ It’s cheaper and more convenient.  A rental marketplace is a platform where goods and […]

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Apparel Marketplace

online apparel marketplace

Creating an online marketplace can be a bit of a challenge. However, the below step by step guide can make things easy for you. Know Your Clientele  It is critical to first classify your target consumers, i.e., if your online apparel business will cater to men, women or children, or is specifically intended for maternity, […]

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Why Creating an Online Apparel Marketplace will Boost Your Business?

An Industry That Never Goes Out of Style The fashion industry is one of the most lucrative businesses which is witnessing unparalleled growth amid the digital revolution. The industry is actively embracing innovative technologies for the emergence of new concepts like an online apparel marketplace or e-commerce that has revolutionized the fashion industry. According to […]

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Survival Strategies to Sustain the Rental Market Downturn

The rental marketplace is full of upswings and downturns with respect to the changing dynamics of the world economy.  The continuous fluctuations in market growth have made survival harder than ever before. Is your rental market business geared up with a combat plan to hedge the annual revenue against these uncertain recessions?  Here are a […]

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Coronavirus overshadow rental market growth: Everything you need to know

The coronavirus wave had clobbered the world’s economy. With an overall downside, the revenue figures are very disappointing. Speaking in length about how this deadly outrage has shown its impact on the rental market growth, the statistical data shows a visible dip.  More than a quarter of the world is locked down and has left […]

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Is Coronavirus Epidemic a threat to the Real Estate industry?

The current COVID- 19 spread has shown its harsh consequences to the world. If we talk about its miserable effects on businesses, we have a sad report in our hands. With the people adopting to quarantine themselves to avoid the unexpected infection of Coronavirus, many businesses’ revenue is at stake. Talking religiously about the Real […]

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Heading towards a successful Rental Marketplace using Tiger’s Customer Mobile App

Tiger Customer App

The increasing popularity of the Shared-Economy has given rise to several multi-billion dollar industries. One such concept is of the Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces. Many different types of P2P Marketplaces have come into existence ranging from property rentals like Airbnb, money-lending platforms like CurrencyFair, car and bike-sharing platforms like Uber, etc.  Any Marketplace becoming big like the […]

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Online marketplace is getting a boost in sales after the Coronavirus Outbreak

29 December 2019 would be recalled as the scariest nightmare for the world when China identified its first Coronavirus case in the city of Wuhan. From then till now, humans are rattling hard to confront and win over this deadly battle. The outbreak has created a sense of panic all around the world, and the […]

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