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Is Coronavirus Epidemic a threat to the Real Estate industry?

The current COVID- 19 spread has shown its harsh consequences to the world. If we talk about its miserable effects on businesses, we have a sad report in our hands. With the people adopting to quarantine themselves to avoid the unexpected infection of Coronavirus, many businesses’ revenue is at stake. Talking religiously about the Real […]

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Heading towards a successful Rental Marketplace using Tiger’s Customer Mobile App

Tiger Customer App

The increasing popularity of the Shared-Economy has given rise to several multi-billion dollar industries. One such concept is of the Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces. Many different types of P2P Marketplaces have come into existence ranging from property rentals like Airbnb, money-lending platforms like CurrencyFair, car and bike-sharing platforms like Uber, etc.  Any Marketplace becoming big like the […]

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Online marketplace is getting a boost in sales after the Coronavirus Outbreak

29 December 2019 would be recalled as the scariest nightmare for the world when China identified its first Coronavirus case in the city of Wuhan. From then till now, humans are rattling hard to confront and win over this deadly battle. The outbreak has created a sense of panic all around the world, and the […]

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5 Factors that makes B2B marketplace model favorable in 2020

The new evolved digitalization of businesses is here to stay! When we speak about 2020, this year is all about how wisely you market and promote your business via an online platform to your potential audiences. Setting up a business and then struggling to make it exist in the crowd of competition are a few […]

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Tiger versus Sharetribe: Which you should pick as your marketplace in 2020 and why?

Ringing in 2020 means entering a new decade where technology is everything. Businesses and brands have started to show their concern about their online presence. This is why major of the business decisions are dependent upon the type of marketplace, one picks for its online existence. Speaking about the e-Commerce boom that has already given […]

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Why it is a better idea to go digital for your travel business?

As 2020 beckons, we have unfolded many autonomous ways of running a business in the industry. Focusing alone on the Travel industry, the tempting and raised revenue figures can attract many of the smart players to enter this business. If reports are to be believed, the instant 55% hike in productivity is contributed via technology […]

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Provide the best user experience in your peer-to-peer platform with these new features.

Running a peer to peer rentals marketplace platform isn’t easy. Marketplace owners face problems in maintaining the schedule/availability of the product/service for rent, lack of showcasing options for the listings and absence of advanced features to capture customer preference. With the all-new Tiger Peer to Peer platform, marketplace owners can now provide the best customer-experience […]

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Boost your business with the CRM integration in Tiger Rentals

Customer-first approach is the only way to succeed for any business. The new Tiger P2P platform comes with a robust CRM integration to help boost your business. Segment your customers, personalize your promotions and improve your customer support through the Bulbul integration. Some Key Advantages of CRM integration: Segment your customers by analysing customer activity […]

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10 reasons ‘why it’s a must’ to do SEO for Online Business


Every brand or a startup knows SEO is critical for its ‘Digital Discoverability’. To put it in simple words “The goal is to rank the brand’s online content on top of the page in a search engine when specific keywords are keyed in”. This blog outlines the top “10 Reasons to do SEO for Online […]

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The Peer-to-Peer Rental Marketplace from Tiger

Build Your Own Marketplace like Airbnb

Tiger has evolved a lot since the time it was launched a year and a half back. We started with the hyperlocal marketplace and began to move towards building marketplaces for other business cases as well. Then we stumbled upon the idea of a rental marketplace and got to know about Sharetribe’s open source technology. […]

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