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An Open Appeal to Uber

Open appeal to uber

Dear Uber, When the world was being exploited in the hands of the rude cab drivers, you came to rescue and gave the first On Demand Taxi App to us. Your disruptive innovation didn’t just revolutionize the taxi sector, but also inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to sail in the direction of Sharing Economy. In fact, […]

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8 Experts discuss entrepreneurship aspects of the Sharing Economy

Named as one of TIME Magazine’s 10 ideas that will change the world (2011 edition), Sharing Economy or Collaborative Consumption has broken barriers and created newer interpretations of how technology can transform business models. With an ever increasing number of entrepreneurs experimenting around this idea, the concept is now enabling greater degree of sharing in […]

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Beauty On Demand: How the Beauty salon has Moved into Your Home

Tap an App and summon your own staff – sounds revolutionary, right? The On Demand and instant gratification economy that we live in today is demanding just that. While sometime ago this was a sole prerogative of the wealthy, many concurrent developments are democratizing services and enabling entrepreneurs to create marketplaces providing these services at an […]

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Sharing Economy- Banking of Things

One of the most important economic invention has been banking because of the multiplier effect it has on the money supply of a country. Simply put, most of the money just sits in some vault most of the time rather than being used for a transaction. Now banks started lending most of the money sitting in […]

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Infographic: Understanding the Sharing Economy

We’ve learnt it in pre-school and we’ve been doing it ever since – sharing clothes, food, bikes, toys and old rugged musical instruments that we once used to play with, and now no-longer need them. Imagine this idea being extrapolated to a global scale. That idea then evolves into what we call a Sharing Economy […]

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