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Fuel Up for Gas on Demand

The Service We have a bit of a crisis, or a bit of a blessing when it comes to the on-demand economy. With so many upcoming entrepreneurs having bright ideas, and companies increasingly investing in the idea business itself – it may be hard to separate the useless from the necessary, or even desirable. With […]

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Grab: On-Demand Taxi Battles

The Service GrabTaxi, now rechristened ‘Grab’ because of the company’s expansion into general transportation, is a noteworthy contender in the on-demand transportation market. With market giant Uber dominating the scene, a lot of these start-ups go unnoticed. Grab wishes to make its presence known. This is indicated by its recent tie-ups with Lyft and Ola, […]

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Conweigh: Simplifying Shipping Woes, On Demand

SOLAS – Diagnosing the New Shipping Demand On the 1st of July, 2016, the International Maritime Safety Committee bought a new decree into effect: The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Seas’ (SOLAS), will require that shippers verify gross container weight prior to shipping. What does this mean? Well, anybody dealing with shipping […]

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Should you worry about exclusivity when working with Juggernaut?

Exclusivity is one of the most crucial aspects of a business. In this competitive market, exclusivity is often the front door to identity itself; in the event that it is compromised, you effectively lose identity as a distinct, unique business. The very thing that made you stand apart can be your Achilles heel, exposed for […]

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The Sharing Economy surge.

the Growth of the Sharing Economy Waking up to a new world We are already facing a paradigm shift as far as our economy and modes of consumption are concerned. Not all of us are aware of the term and its implications – but regardless, we can definitely feel its effects. Theodore Levitt the brilliant […]

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How to scale your On Demand Startup to become the next Unicorn


Premature scaling on any of the dimension kills 74% of startups as per a research done on 3200 startups under the Startup Genome Project. The 5 dimensions identified were – customers, product, team, business model and funding. The rules of the game are no different for On Demand startups. For the uninitiated, On Demand marketplace […]

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Twilio Alternatives- A Guide to Choose SMS & Voice APIs for Your on-demand Mobile App


A unique idea, state-of-art technology and easy to use features, collaboratively govern the success of an on-demand mobile app. While you already have your idea, selecting proper features and using the right software integrations will not just take you ahead of your competitors, but will make you ready to tap the immense potential in the […]

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How Instacart Works: Comprehensive Business & Revenue Model


What is Instacart? Instacart is an on-demand grocery delivery platform facilitating doorstep deliveries of groceries and other home essentials in major cities of USA. The technology driven business model of Instacart boosts of delivering groceries to customers in as little as 1 hour, making it one of the most promising and futuristic company of USA […]

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4 Key Issues Facing Sharing Economy in Developing Nations (Published on Crowdsourcing Week)

Sharing Economy in developing nations

Juggernaut recently got featured on Crowdsourcing Week Blog, a global stage for innovators to present collaborative solutions. Being the strong advocate of the growth of Sharing Economy, I highlighted four key issues that are being faced by peer-to-peer economy in emerging nations. They are ‘Finding a Recourse to the Hyper Consumerist culture; Rebuilding a lost […]

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HomeExchange.com COO Jim Pickell on how Home Swapping is revamping Collaborative Consumption

home swapping

One day, when I was flicking through the TV channels, I came across this very interesting movie called ‘The Holiday’. Released in 2006, it is about two women (Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet), drowning in men-related problem. In order to find a shore to breath, they both use a home swap website and decide to […]

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