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How Airbnb Works | Insights into Business & Revenue Model

What is Airbnb? Airbnb is an online marketplace connecting travelers with local hosts. On one side, the platform enables people to list their available space and earn extra income in the form of rent. On the other, Airbnb enables travelers to book unique home stays from local hosts, saving them money and giving them a […]

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IOT and On Demand Apps

IoT is described as a network of connected devices implanted with sensors causing these devices to communicate, analyze and share information about the world around us. Research reveals that when buyers are shopping for Internet Of Things they ask for apps that will go along with them and so manufacturers are aware that without these […]

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Become the next Uber of Everything: Diversify your On-Demand Business

Disruption of on demand economy can be majorly seen in three industries: transportation, food and logistics. Transportation is predicted to touch $100 billion mark by 2020. The digital logistics is forecasted to be worth $12.96 billion by 2020 while online food delivery has an opportunity to hit the $210 billion market. In every on demand […]

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Supply-Demand in the Age of Geo-Analytics

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As Disruptions Shackle Uber, Is it Time for Local On-Demand Startups to Takeover?

From being a disruption for multiple enterprises to facing disruptions on multiple fronts, the Uber story of global dominance seems to have hit a dead end. For a while now, Uber’s story is being projected on two different fronts. While the first belongs to excited investors who are burning cash, hoping for the brand value […]

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Uber For Tutor: Disrupting Education

The X Syndrome We’ve been seeing the rise of this for quite a while for me to not gawk at its exponential growth – I’m talking about the X syndrome, as far as the sharing economy is concerned. Sure, all startups needn’t follow this formula, but with no startup even coming remotely close to the […]

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Uber for Laundry Woes: Lessons from Washio

On demand laundry

The Demand and The Idea With the enormous success of Uber in the on-demand industry, many entrepreneurs now turn their heads into similar subsections: Uber for home repair, Uber for laundry, Uber for interior revamp and Uber for dog walking. Many of these home services are aimed at twenty-something professionals who have an active working […]

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IOT for Health: Enter Braincheck

Those closely observing the sharing economy will notice the recent surge in investments as concerns the healthcare sector. From Practo to Heal, all sorts of apps are now making healthcare available remotely, and this has an extremely desirable consequence – the revolution of healthcare through the IOT. The Internet of Things (IOT) is a buzzword […]

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The 32-Minute Promise: Unveiling Deliveroo

The Who and the What Who are Deliveroo? Well, feigning ignorance about them in the on-demand world would be problematic. Deliveroo happens to be one of the most efficient food delivery companies, based in London. The UK has one of the most favorable on-demand markets and this startup has just been valued at one billion […]

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Singapore and the Sharing Economy

Singapore Rising The new economic model is hardly met with an open embrace throughout the globe. Even the United States has its fair share of scholars and market gurus alike trying to discredit its potency. It is too volatile, it disrupts too many sectors, it tries making money from ‘literally nothing’ and so on, relying […]

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