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COVID-19 Alert – Precautionary travel measures to be taken during and after lockdown

Lockdown! Travel restrictions! International borders sealed! – We have seen it all. The world is in its learning phase to start adjustments to live with this contagious tide. However, the immediate measure taken to turn the tide – “massive lockdown”- is not a permanent solution. Countries are devising “exit strategies” to lift the restrictions and […]

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How far technology can help you to track your delivery agents’ health after a permit pass?

The restlessness among the world on the verge of COVID-19 outrage is nowhere to stop. In the rarest of situations, people are forced to stay quarantined in order to avoid the spread of the deadly virus. However, as we all know that show must go on! Making it practically implemented, many of the on-demand delivery […]

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How Safe Pass empower Government decisions to Keep Lockdown?

The decisive actions of the Government to lockdown the places have been applauded because of its soothing impact on the current restlessness. Although, no one was prepared for it! This unanimous decision of the government to lock down the places has given a scope to the on-demand delivery businesses to carry out their business operations […]

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