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How to Reduce Delivery Time and Maximise Output with Tookan

Selecting the appropriate allocation logic works key in optimising deliveries and formulating delivery timelines. The Tookan Delivery Management software provides multiple forms of auto-allocation logics to work with and masterfully optimise deliveries and reduce delivery time.  Tookan offers 5 different algorithms for task allocation: One-by-one: Sends the task request notification to the Agent nearest to […]

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Addicted To Automation In Last Mile Delivery? So Are We, Reasons We Can’t Stop

In the evolving business world, modern technology and the last-mile delivery infrastructure has made sending a package anywhere in the world easier than ever imagined. The most evident part of logistics – the last mile – is as important as ever, and yet it continues to be complicated every day. Today, the last-mile delivery industry […]

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Last Mile Delivery Reshaping The Customer Experience

Last Mile Delivery

Last Mile Delivery has witnessed an unconventional change in the last few years. Not surprisingly, e-commerce and food delivery are the driving forces of the changes that are already in motion to improve the customer experience for good. From renowned retailers to local businesses, nobody denies the fact that the last mile delivery has become […]

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Let customers track their orders in real-time, like Dominos & Uber

I survive on Pizza. I despise it for the ever-increasing numbers on the scale. I order more than necessary and sometimes even twice. Regretfully thrice. But, I order it from Dominos only. The many Italian restaurants found in the city, boasting menu as varied and flourishing food-ordering websites, ensuring delivery within 45 minutes and massive […]

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Save up to $24,000 on fuel costs per year

Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to cut costs as it is an essential part to make a business more profitable. If you own a business that involves home deliveries to customers, then you might be worried about making profits due to high fuel costs. Telling your drivers not to use more fuel is surely […]

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