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Does your business require a delivery software?

Delivery Software

Think about giving your business a delivery software to help you hold onto many activities from tracking to schedule, from assigning to managing routes and what not! Because such software can do it all for you.  As we move ahead in time and see a quick rise in online delivery services and a considerable rise […]

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How to start an online Tiffin Delivery Business?

online tiffin delivery service

When it comes to online businesses, the possibilities are truly endless. You can transform your passion into a thriving business without substantial monetary and time investment from the comfort of your home. One such viable business venture is an online tiffin delivery business that involves delivering packed meals to your customers at a fixed time […]

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How to Start Online Delivery for an Existing Business?

Are you looking to start online delivery for your business? Interestingly, this is the right time for you to launch an online delivery business, and you have come to the right place to make it happen. In this blog, we will look at the importance of efficient delivery, ways to enhance your delivery business, and […]

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How to start an online Fish Delivery business?

online fish delivery

Gone are the days when fishes were needed to swim only in water, butter and wine to please fish lovers. Now how well are fishes transmitted via online media would go a long way in making fish lovers happy! Seafood market trends Global seafood market has recently picked up momentum and is exhibiting a promising […]

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Jungle Connect – Samar Singla w. Dwight Housend, co-founder TT Rideshare

Dwight Housend

Welcome to another episode of Jungle Connect and join our founder and CEO, Mr. Samar Singla, in an exciting conversation with Mr. Dwight Housend. He is the co-founder of one of the biggest ride-sharing companies in Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Housend has a very interesting story to share with you about bootstrapping his start-up. He, […]

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Why and how to start a Tea delivery business online?

tea delivery business online

Are you a tea fanatic and also want to start your tea business today? Let’s start the business online! An online tea selling business could be as successful as selling clothes online. Yes, we’re right, and we have got our guide to help you with.  “So let’s start sipping some tea and pour some great […]

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2020’s Winning Strategy to Win The Customers: Own A Delivery Management Software

Time is money! In the era, where every second of the clock counts, you need to match your pace with the running time.  If you are dealing with a customer-centric business, you will always need to roll up your sleeves and give your best shot.  So, are you ready to make this 2020 count for […]

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6 Trends You May Have Missed About Delivery Management

The continuously evolving landscape of e-commerce is presenting online retailers with fresh and innovative methods of doing business online. Delivery management is gaining more attraction with automation, digitalization, and personalization. With more and more customers demanding for same day or next day deliveries, maximizing the efficiency of last-mile delivery operations has to remain a high […]

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Daily Challenges faced by On-Demand Delivery Businesses

Pick-up and Delivery

In general pick-up and delivery of goods, a set of routes has to be properly defined in order to satisfy the transportation requests. A set of the fleet is assigned at each route with a specific size of load to be transported. Each vehicle has a specific capacity, pre-defined origin, and destination. In General Pick-up […]

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Delight your customers and drastically reduce the follow-up calls

Customer is the most important aspect for any business. This phrase becomes even more meaningful in the on-demand economy. With changing trends, people want businesses to serve them at their doorstep and this is where the struggle to serve customers in a better way starts. Studies reveal that 70% of people want to be updated […]

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