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On Demand RV Startup, Outdoorsy Raises $25 Million as Fresh Funding

Outdoorsy, the  app like Airbnb for RVs’ is,  in it’s very essence, a sharing economy startup connecting owners of RVs with interested renters. Outdoorsy has been all about outdoors and authentic experiences. It has tracked more than 263,000 days of bookings, generating almost a  $100 million figure through the platform. 40% of it’s users are under the age […]

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Instacart Raises Money and Experiences a Valuation Boost

Grocery delivery startup, Instacart has raised $200 million in fresh funding, boosting its valuation to a grand $4.2 billion and providing new resources for the startup to compete against Amazon.com Inc. This round of investment was led  by Coatue Management,  Glade Brook Capital Partners as well as it’s existing investors. Uptill now, Instacart has raised close […]

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Getting Grubhub-ed: Taco Bell and KFC

ON DEMAND FOOD ECONOMY The rise of on demand offerings is transforming the way people live and how they consume products and services. The on demand food economy has also disrupted the traditional market by building on ‘convenience‘. These food startups help to save time and put in less effort, which of course is appealing. […]

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Current Upheaval at Uber as CEO Steps Down

CEO and Co-founder of Uber, Travis Kalanick steps down as Uber CEO, company spokesperson confirms on  21st June, 2017. This comes after intense pressure from investors.  According to reports, this has since been brewing for about 5 years when majority shareholders wanted him to step down due to bad PR he has been bringing for […]

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Become the next Uber of Everything: Diversify your On-Demand Business

Disruption of on demand economy can be majorly seen in three industries: transportation, food and logistics. Transportation is predicted to touch $100 billion mark by 2020. The digital logistics is forecasted to be worth $12.96 billion by 2020 while online food delivery has an opportunity to hit the $210 billion market. In every on demand […]

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Route Optimization: Changing the Delivery Landscape

It’s a heavy day for a delivery agent, when multiple brown delivery packages pile up on his side and multiple locations appear on his screen; he wonders how he would accomplish all the tasks for the day moving hurriedly around the city with efficiency. With the speedy rise of on-demand economy, deliveries have become an […]

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As Disruptions Shackle Uber, Is it Time for Local On-Demand Startups to Takeover?

From being a disruption for multiple enterprises to facing disruptions on multiple fronts, the Uber story of global dominance seems to have hit a dead end. For a while now, Uber’s story is being projected on two different fronts. While the first belongs to excited investors who are burning cash, hoping for the brand value […]

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Singapore and the Sharing Economy

Singapore Rising The new economic model is hardly met with an open embrace throughout the globe. Even the United States has its fair share of scholars and market gurus alike trying to discredit its potency. It is too volatile, it disrupts too many sectors, it tries making money from ‘literally nothing’ and so on, relying […]

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Fuel Up for Gas on Demand

The Service We have a bit of a crisis, or a bit of a blessing when it comes to the on-demand economy. With so many upcoming entrepreneurs having bright ideas, and companies increasingly investing in the idea business itself – it may be hard to separate the useless from the necessary, or even desirable. With […]

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Grab: On-Demand Taxi Battles

The Service GrabTaxi, now rechristened ‘Grab’ because of the company’s expansion into general transportation, is a noteworthy contender in the on-demand transportation market. With market giant Uber dominating the scene, a lot of these start-ups go unnoticed. Grab wishes to make its presence known. This is indicated by its recent tie-ups with Lyft and Ola, […]

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