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Lockdown: Lessons in Hyperlocal

Lockdown Lessons in Hyperlocal

Innovations are, more often than not, met with resistance owing to our inherent inertia of how we do things. The initial lukewarm response to new developments makes it hard to spot the next big thing in its initial stages – be it a pandemic or a new business opportunity. The Rise of Hyperlocal Hyperlocal is […]

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4 Service industries that drive the On-Demand Industry

On Demand Industries

The on-demand economy is supplanting traditional business models faster than we anticipated. The administrations combined with two or three applications empower provisioning of products and enterprises. With the rise of new companies like Postmates (anything accessible locally), JustPark (parking), task rabbit (handyman) and Airbnb (hospitality), Instacart (grocery), this surely working out as expected. Did you […]

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How Cleanly works: Insights about On-Demand Laundry Business Model, Logistics and Revenue

On-demand Laundry Business Overview On-Demand laundry industry has attained an impressive height with every passing year. According to a recent study, it is revealed that the majority of the millennial populace don’t want to invest their valuable time in day-to-day household chores such as washing the clothes as they have other important assignments to attend […]

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Why Starting a Meal Kit Delivery Business could be a Brilliant Idea

AN INTRODUCTION TO MEAL KITS Meal kits have been revolutionizing the way people cook food. People have been preferring getting a meal kit with fresh ingredients delivered to their door over a take-out. These ready to make meal packages have everything from perfect portions of vegetables and proteins to the exact measurements of spices and oils. They come […]

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On Demand Beauty Services: The Next Big Idea and Changing Market

The taxi, delivery, and home services industries have all been rocked by on demand platforms. Now, a fierce battle is being waged for on demand beauty service to take control of the $46 billion U.S. beauty industry. According to Forbes, 28% of hairdressers, stylists and cosmetologists are already working as independent contractors. The beauty industry […]

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On Demand Dog Walking App “Wag” Raises $300 Million from Softbank

One of the tech world’s deepest-pocketed investors has been scouring the globe to find and fund the technologies that are building the future. SoftBank Vision is investing $300 million in on-demand walking and dog care startup Wag. Wag has also brought on Hilary Schneider, formerly of identity theft protection company LifeLock, to serve as the […]

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On-demand insurance : Turn down the traditional insurance

For any business organization’s transformation strategy, technology has become a prominent factor. With huge impact on every aspect of life, technology has brought a sea change in customer’s behavior and preferences. The financial organizations and the insurance industry need to be digitally transformed and say goodbye to the traditional business methodologies. Today’s customers want more […]

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