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Tookan: Automate Your Payments Through Stripe Connect

Customer satisfaction has always been our forte. We have always aimed at simplifying tasks for our stakeholders’ business. After receiving multiple requests from our users, to automate payments for their agents, Tookan introduces Stripe Connect. Stripe Connect is a solution for any business that needs to process payments and pay multiple parties. Connect provides a […]

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Drone Fleet Management Increases Efficiency: Industrial Use cases

The drone market showed incredible growth in 2017 and drones are increasing operational efficiency in numerous industries. Globally, drone unit sales grew an estimated 60 percent last year to 2.2 million, and revenue grew 36 percent to $4.5 billion, according to a research firm Gartner. The reasons for the unrelenting rise of drones in everyone’s […]

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Tookan Workforce Identity Management App

Field force management is not an easy feat. It can be a difficult task to keep track of your on-field fleet, manage them efficiently and meet deadlines. Let us not forget the anxiety of being unaware of the current status of your fleet. Tookan brings you yet another app to make tracking seem like a […]

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Make or Break: How Service Providers Dictate the Fate of an Enterprise?

What drives the fate of any On-Demand enterprise? Is it all about the service being offered? Can one narrow down the aspects to the branding budget and the uniqueness of the service? In the equation of any ‘Gig’ Economy, the variables are plenty, and often, we witness enterprises crashing out of the competition because they […]

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Trucking Dispatch Companies to watch out for

In a report released in 2015, the American Trucking Associations projects that freight volume will increase by almost 30% by 2026. Trucking Dispatch industry has come a long way, Trucking dispatch companies on the face of it don’t look like a big deal, but what they manage to do is an immense job. Trucking dispatch […]

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Ho Ho Ho!- We Wish You a Busy New Year!

The holiday season, which is traditionally thought to begin November onwards, is the season of festivities, thanksgiving and coming together. For all economic intents and purposes, the season is also the time for distributing gifts, making new purchases for the coming year and the perfect excuse for letting loose! In 2013, the average amount consumers […]

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Route Optimization: Translating labour into results.

Imagine a day in the life of a product or service delivery vehicle. How much do you think one motorbike, truck or car travels in day? In the case of last-mile mile delivery agents, a large number of deliveries are made over a radius of about 30-40 kms. The last delivery man I spoke to […]

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Deliveroo – the logistic genius!

Logistics in the food delivery sector are at their peak right now and London based startup Deliveroo is riding this mammoth of a wave. With its presence in 30 UK cities and 20 others around the world, the question that keeps people wondering remains – how do they do it? Deliveroo is now backed with over […]

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How can Tookan assist you with an on-demand laundry portal?

The On-Demand or ‘UberForX’ model has its way into the laundry industry over the last 5 years or so. This is a global phenomenon, with the on-demand model surging through into every industry possible. Its introduction into the Laundry vertical shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the fact that a 2014 survey estimated that 87% […]

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Tookan : A Fix for your food delivery woes.

The Opportunities and Challenges of the Online Food Market The Food Delivery Market has seen dramatic ups and downs in the last three years. The financing to the industry has been fluctuating like the emotions of a teenager. Between 2012 and 2014, food delivery financing witnessed a lull in capital inflows. Since the beginning of […]

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